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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Taking control: Forgive and it shall be well with you!

Forgiveness is a release of positive energy towards the other person to override the negative effects of an offense. It is a conscious decision to not allow negative energy to dwell in you regardless of whether the offender is aware or willing to show remorse for the inflicted emotional pain.
Forgiveness is one of the basic principles of seeking and attaining spiritual enlightenment.  All humans offend their loved ones regardless of professed love. The Creator showed mankind the importance of forgiveness in both the Old and New Covenants.  Animals were sacrificed for covering the sin and the New Testament came into effect when the Perfect Man willingly died on the cross for remission of sin.  He died once for those who will believe in the Creator’s salvation plan which is intended to enable mankind to access the everlasting life.  It follows therefore that as you read this article, you must reflect and evaluate whether you are familiar to the consequences of not forgiving others. Here is the glimpse of the  importance of forgiveness:
The Creator demands it: Whichever way you look at forgiveness, it is clearly an expressed condition by your Creator for your faults to be forgiven and to listen to your requests.  Requesting forgiveness from Him is part of your daily opening sentence of your prayer because you are naturally a sinner and need to acknowledge this flaw when you talk to your Creator. Ignorance of the law is no excuse; and so it is from the spiritual principle. This means it constitutes your livelihood and it is not wise to ignore its impact on your life.
Emotional health: Forgiveness demonstrates spiritual and social stability and maturity.  It releases love to others; thus promoting the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, kindness, happiness and self-control.  This ideal emotional environment is sustained when:
1.    You maintain good thoughts because your actions reveal what you are thinking about.
2.    You speak well about others because it demonstrates that you understand the law of love. Life and death are conceived in your mind and are birthed in your spoken words. If you have nothing good to say about a person or situation, remain silent. By doing so, you are choosing life!
3.    You listen or watch positive news because whatever you allow in your mind will eventually manifest.  Good and bad energy cannot share your mind; one will prevail.
4.    You maintain your power to keep your inner space clean. This means you do not allow an offender to continue hurting you by thinking about the offense. Remember a negative energy causes the body to produce harmful juices which contribute to many diseases including ulcers and ultimately cancer.
5.    You forgive yourself when time from time weakness kicks in, and you indulge in negative emotions like anger or self-pity. Forgiveness is a skill which you learn throughout your live. Start today!

Learn about the power of forgiveness because it is central to the law of success. It is decided in your heart because it can only be real from this realm. Let me explain. The ego likes recording wrongs and provides momentum to sustain the negative situation. It is therefore your conscious decision to let go any hurt and choose to free yourself from the bondage of non-forgiveness.  When you achieve this truth and know how to reach inside you and disregard the outside world of unconsciousness, you would have attained the core principle of love that is revealed in forgiveness.