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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Taking control: How well do you know yourself?

It is ironic that we seek to know about other people we admire because they have achieved something that affect us.  Today I want to encourage you to pause and focus on discovering your temperament, and character traits! When you are done you will know that you are indeed a unique being!
When you know your make-up, the idea of knowing about others will benefit you because you will match their achievement to your potential.  In other words, you will not seek to be a music star when you are not naturally configured to operate in this field. Yes you may enjoy music, but it does not mean you can sing for the enjoyment of others. Let me list the categories you may wish to explore:
Four Temperaments: The choleric, the sanguine, the melancholic and the phlegmatic. Each has the bright and the dark side. Learn their compatibility; you would have discovered the potential relationships challenges.  
Extravert and Introvert: Extravert is out-going, impulsive and needs people to interact with. If you are an extravert you are optimistic by nature and changeable. An introvert is reserved and cautious. If you are an introvert you tend to rely on books and non-social sources for stimulation. You are unchangeable, passive, pessimistic, peaceful, controlled and reliable.
Seven Intelligence Centres:  Logical or mathematical, Musical, Kinesthetic or physical, Visual, Spatial, Intrapersonal (introspective and ability to know oneself), Interpersonal (ability to relate with others) and Linguistic. These are important for your career development.  For an example, you could be wired with logical intelligence which means you are good in mathematics but have not excel because your teacher punished you and have since developed dislike of this subject.
Learning Styles:
·        Haptic learner - learns best when they are involved – experimenting and experiencing, hence are referred to kinesthetic learners.
·        Visual learner – learns best when they can see pictures of what they are studying. They learn by reading more than listening.
·        Auditory learners – learns best through sound such as lectures and music. They are good listeners and tend to be challenged by reading assignments.
Internal and External locus of control: It is about controlling influence of your behavior. If you are stimulated by external factors such as enjoying being in the company of people, you operate on external locus of control. If you enjoy being alone and working by yourself and have a deep sense of your inner self, you operate on internal locus of control. This will help you to apply for the suitable job.
Blood Type: There are four types - O, A, B and AB. It is your blue print that determines your ideal diet and potential health issues. Your blood type will educate you on lifestyle diseases because you are what you eat.  In other words when you know your blood type you will know which foods your system do not digest well and therefore contribute to your weight problem and arthritis and the host of ailments.
When you take this list to represent the components of your make-up, you will realize that you really do not know yourself.  This will encourage you to explore areas that you have not yet developed. Go for it; and know your strengths! I regard this as being responsible in taking control of your life!