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Monday, 16 June 2014

Taking control: Consider your partner’s intuition type before you tie the knot!

Intuition is a knowing which avails information without verifiable means. It enables a person through other domains of acquisition of information to be convinced beyond the mind processes; thus making it a true power behind your decisions in any situation.
There are four types of intuition which I will highlight and could call your attention to some experiences which might have contributed to challenging aspects in your relationships.  Perhaps you know about this personal way of acquiring information and knowing the right and wrongs. You might not have regarded intuition as important when considering your future life partner’s personal attributes. Consider the following types and establish where you fall and do some research so that you can tap into this resource for your own benefit:
Mental intuitive: Denotes people who are thinkers.  They operate on logic and therefore would demand airtight facts.  They have a third eye to understand the matter at hand. This means they see loopholes and are good in investigation such as research work or security settings.
Emotional intuitive (known as an empath):  If you are an empath you tend to be drawn to the energies of others hence often experience whatever the other person you empathized with is experiencing. For an example, if you experience pain when you are in hospital or deep grief from the funeral, you fall under this type of intuition.  Unlike the mental intuitive, emotional intuitive person operates with the heart.  You cannot fake joy in the presence of an emotional intuitive partner.  Nor can you successfully cut corners because he or she will pick the strange energy from you.  It is ideal to know your type and include this in the list of things to learn about your life partner. 
Physical intuitive: Is highly connected to animals and the earth. If you have strong connection with issues of environment and care about animals’ welfare, you fall under this type.  Imagine if you are like me and cannot share my couch or bed with a pet!  That alone will kill the romance out of the relationship.
Spiritual intuitive: Spiritual intuitives live this life in a spiritual realm so to speak. They just leave you and migrate to spiritual state of consciousness often and enjoy this because it is who they are.  They do well as spiritual leaders because they spend most of their time learning and preparing spiritual presentations and sermons.  I cannot visualize this type having fun with a life partner who is physical intuitive because spiritual intuitive is in touch with spirituality and intangible nature of the universe.  Those who are gifted in this form of intuition may have visions. Visions are astrophysical; that is, discerning and accessing spiritual truths which normally challenge those who are not. You have to differentiate the day-dreaming stuff from discerning the spirituality of the experience. 

You may wonder why I am drawing your attention to this interesting subject! It is because like most people, you may not think seriously about sharing every minute of your life with another person until you are caught in a complex life relationship.  It is ideal therefore to discover who you are so that you can decide whom you bring into the relationship!