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Friday, 20 June 2014

Taking control: Be not afraid; only believe!

Believing is accepting something to be true using your mind because you are convinced logically; or using your heart (spirit) because you discern the truth in the spiritual realm. When you seek spiritual enlightenment, you have to shelf your intellect system and engage the pure you, the spiritual self.
 The first experience of your spirituality starts with believing that you are related with God in a very overwhelming way which you will recognize is not from figuring it out; but comes from within the spiritual domain.  My native language has a saying that you have two hearts; meaning two sources from where you obtain knowledge.  This knowing could only be defined as a revelation of who you are and connection with your Creator; whose presence clearly reveals your unclean nature versus His and therefore gently ushers you into repentance.  This spiritual encounter will enable you to know that you cannot understand the Creator through your little mind.  You can only discern Him in your spiritual self where He transforms you as it was the case when Jesus was conceived by the Virgin Mary.  The revelation will bring awareness of the great power within you which in ordinary language could be termed fear; yet it is not scary.  It could therefore only be defined as a reverence; an amazing admiration and respect that prompt you to engage in adulation.
The second principle of spiritual enlightenment is entrusted in believing. You cannot connect with your Creator without faith. In fact, without faith it is impossible to please Him. This deep conviction is then decoded and expressed through your intellect faculty by confessing with your mouth that which is happening in your spirit self.  This is how we are created to operate: The spirit self should dictates to the mind what we ought to do and not the other way round. Let me explain! Fear comes when your mind cannot decipher logical response to the matter at hand, thus causing conflict.  It is for this reason that the word of assurance in the Bible is not to fear because the presence of God and communication with Him happens in your spirit. Although it does not condemn, it reveals the ugliness of sinful nature in you and becomes a form of guidance into the godliness.
Fear is also the opposite of faith and this is why it is a basic pointer of knowing who is speaking in your spirit self.  God is a Spirit of light and connects with your spirit self and knock through hearing His Word until you get a revelation of who He is.  When you respond positively, you get this overwhelming love to Him, which manifests in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  These are new attributes of a new nature you acquire when you allow Him in your heart and are intended to enable you to love other people. You see; this is important because you cannot have a relationship with God when you have negative emotions regarding other people.  This is an on-going spiritual growth in your journey of salvation.

You could be one of successful people in this world, having abundance of material wealth.  What I have just explained above is one chapter you must pay attention to. It is one that matters because without the revelation of your Creator, you are poor and it is likely that you are trying to fill the emptiness in your life with lots of entertainment. You will have rest when you seek Him! He is loving and will never judge you regardless of what you have done! Do not be afraid to seek Him; only believe that he loves you unconditionally! Remember, you are the cherry on top of all His creation!