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Friday, 6 June 2014

Taking control: Say yes to the spiritual gift of the New Dispensation!

The New Dispensation was enforced through the sacrificial death of the Son of Man who was not born from the seed of man but of Creator Himself.  This is the spiritual gift that you have to know about and say yes to for you to qualify for the eternal life.
In order to say yes, you need to know that the earth was created for mankind and was so designed to have all that mankind will ever need.  In other words, all that you need has already been given; this is why the Creator says mankind perishes for lack of knowledge. The New spiritual Dispensation came into effect about two thousand years ago. It is your sole responsibility to seek what redemption plan contains, so that you can make decision while you can:
1.    Redemption: Originally man was to live forever. He contravened the terms and sin came to be.  The penalty was spiritual death which resulted in the physical death. One sinless Man who died paid for your sins and your responsibility is to know about this condition so that you can receive this unmerited favor to be restored to spiritual original condition. The Creator has made an offer so that those who say yes would be freed from the bondage and ruler-ship of Satan.
2.    Remission: Through the death of sinless Man, the Creator has availed freedom and pardon for those who will acknowledge this sacrificial death willingly thus accepting His offer of the eternal spiritual life.
3.    Regeneration: It is a spiritual birth. Those who accept the sacrificial death as a ransom paid for their salvation will receive the power to live without guilt and be free from sinful lifestyle. It is an ability to immediately notice sin and consciously ask for pardon, thus enabling you to love the Creator and other people.
4.    Relationship: Redemption opens doors to be adopted son (refers to male and females - in God eyes we are all sons) hence heirs with the One Man who became a ransom for your freedom. In this state the Creator writes your name in His book and you shall be part of His impending everlasting Kingdom on earth.
5.    Righteousness: It is a gift of right standing by appointment to acquire the attributes of the Creator that enables you to live in His presence by His grace and enjoy spiritual eternity now.
6.    Restoration: Is a place of favor which existed in the original paradise. It enables you to overcome the enemy whose role is to steal, destroy and kill you. It denotes access to that which the Creator has provided in this life and the next.
7.    Ruler-ship: The Creator is orderly and it follows that when you say yes, He adopts you and reveals His purpose through His written word.  Historically He interacted with mankind through Patriarchs, Judges, and Kings. The last One is called Jesus, who had to be a sacrificial Lamb that brought the New Dispensation.  Ruler-ship denotes the spiritual legacy that Jesus left and is being carried out through the church.  Then Son will come to judge those who rejected his death which is the salvation message in the gospel.   

This is the core of the spiritual enlightenment which you will surely have to respond to when you leave this planet to meet your Creator.  It is a message that reveals that love connects all laws – spiritual, social, prosperity and the natural laws.