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Monday, 30 June 2014

Taking control: Do you know the contributing factors of your stress?

Stress is the manifestation of your body’s reaction to unpleasant external and internal pressures in the form of negative emotions or physical pains. It is a clear response to your environment that shout for remedial actions.
When stress is frequent it means you have to give it your attention which could be challenging if you engage in denial of the issue at hand.  Do remember that you cannot change what you have not identified as undesirable.  When you consider the following pointers, it is beneficial that you look at the possible factors objectively so that you can take decisive actions:
1.    Where does stress come from?  Please note that it is important to rewind the incidences until you recall the issue that caused your negative emotional reaction. Sometimes you may have a series of negative incidents and get mixed up.  There is always the starting point which attracted others that followed.
2.    Do you have control over the issue?  What I mean here depends on what you are stressed about! For an example, if you have been dumped and you are on denial about the fact; you will delay your recovery process.  If you try to find the reason or analyze the reason you have to be ready to endure pain longer because the reason might not make sense to you.
3.    Shift your focus! Review your goals and focus on your strengths.  Make a conscious effort to follow your daily tasks towards your goals and increase your efficiency as you undertake the daily designated tasks.  Your body will respond to the positive direction and the stress will gradually decrease!
4.    Find and study new concepts that contribute to your goals! All of us are being awaken to the revelation of the complexity of our emotions and their impact in achieving our goals. There are video on YOUTUBE that will open your mind and heart to your blissful power within you!  
5.    Give yourself a break! Learn to balance your time and improve your skill in managing it! I know there are people who get motivation from external world; you may have to pin-point those who suck your energy and walk away from them. You are not helping yourself when you hang-out with people who dwell on your situation and make you rewind on your issues.
6.    Learn to be quite and hear your spirit man!  You discover yourself when you cut the noise in your life.  The revelation of the root cause of your problem will come to your consciousness when you go in your spiritual self.  There you will also find a direction which could be seeking professional help or improving on your lifestyle.
7.    Listen to your intuition! Do you trust your friends over your intuition? This is the time to find out how much you trust yourself; the quiet voice in you that will never judge you and is always followed by a deep sense of peace!
Be happy when you get stressed, because you must pause and re-evaluate whether you are on course of running in the wrong lane! It could be that you have contributed to your stress.  Do not be shocked if so, mistakes are stepping stones! They enable you to adjust your coordinates so that you reach your destination!