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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Taking control: You are ready for a relationship when you have accepted yourself!

Accepting yourself means you have undertaken a conscious self-study and acknowledged your weaknesses and strengths.  It means you are not delusional about what you are wired to achieve and therefore has a potential to be when you decide to establish your goals.  
Knowing who you are is very important foundational subjects which will enable you to avoid running in a wrong lane and end up feeling like you are a failure. Have you wondered why you are attracting wrong people? Well; it could be that you really do not know yourself! What must you do if several people you regard as not fitting the type of people you would like to associate with seek your friendship? Shocking as it might be, it could be your opportunity to take stock of who you really are!  It would not hurt to take personality tests and be truthful when answering the questions. 
Focusing on your strengths is a key. The principle is this: As a man thinks, so is he. The implication is that if you are shocked by the people you are attracting, it could mean that you are focusing on your weaknesses. Focusing on your strengths will usher you in an ideal place of growth.  For an example; if you know you have screened yourself on Seven Intelligence Centers and you are intrapersonal (have deep sense of self and are self-motivated) you will not try to be okay hanging out with a rowdy group every weekend; you will be miserable! Allow yourself to be a quiet person you are and you will indeed attract someone who admires you as you are.
The danger of not knowing yourself is faking joy when you are bored to tears! Believe me, I know because I tried to be a happy-go-merry person and failed myself.  I have since learned to enjoy who I am and am indeed blissfully happy! Imagine if you married a person who ticked hiking as your hobby because you pretended to like it. Would it be fair when you reveal the true you? Not at all! So who did you bring to the relationship? A total stranger, who has not only breached a cardinal rule of trust, but has also made the partner feel trapped!  You have actually shattered the dream of romantic hiking in his entertainment plans! That would be a serious relationship blemish to compensate for with other activities!

 Accepting yourself will allow you to understand your ego defense mechanism, which seeks to covers your weaknesses with premeditated false behavior.  When you are aware of the desire to cover up the true you, you will deny this and maintain your integrity. Admitting the periodic temptation to project the false behavior denotes your maturity and self-confidence. It means you have taken control of yourself and have started over a new authentic life!