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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Taking control: Stir your joy by counting your blessings!

Counting your blessings is refusing to see the bottle as half empty, but half full.  It is inculcating the positive attitude towards your past, present and the future. It is always perceiving the big picture of success and expecting to receive that which you seek.

Stirring your joy!
The secret is that your mind does not know the difference of the myth and the reality.  Its task is to work on whatever you allow and focus on and ensure that it happens.  So if you dwell on your unpleasant past, you will surely see a flood of unpleasant circumstances in your life.  When you allow your pleasant thoughts to flood you mind, you will attract pleasant circumstances in your life. If you can bring your past joyful moment of your first date now and experience the joy you felt then, you got the concept!  You will know that you can control what you think about and therefore you are indeed could be the determiner of your joyful life.  This is a decision you must take to change the direction of your present and future life. I use the word ‘stir’ to instill the connotation of you generating positive feelings within you; thus convincing yourself that you can maintain positive attitude and change your life for the better.

Why counting your blessings is important!
When you sit down and consciously think of your past life which contributed to the good part of you, you will realize that you would not be a strong person you are had you been through a blissful life.  In other words rough experiences toughened your resilience to overcome life challenges.  None of the historical heroes and current achievers had a smooth childhood or great parents or uneventful schooling.  They have all been through challenging times to achieve their goals.  The exercise of counting your blessings therefore will enable you to visit your past with the purpose of thanking all the contributors of good and bad experiences.  The idea is to seal your emotional wounds with love and not bitterness or judgment.   Words are indestructible.  When you know this truth, you will understand why God said He will judge you by what you have said.  What you say effectively generates good or bad energy which affects the world.  This is why He gave us guidelines in the Bible about the nature of words that would bring life and not death in Philippians 4:8; “…whatever things are true, …noble, …just, …pure, …lovely, …are of good report, if there is any virtue and anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.”

Personal benefits of counting your blessings!
Those who count their blessings experience spiritual growth which manifest in their social life.  How? You learn to see good in people who raised you and added value through all social institutions you went through; this is a plus which put a smile on your face and that of your Creator.  Remember that when you decide to generate many smiles, you do yourself a favor of activating a healing mechanism in your body.  What a smart Creator we have! If you choose to be bitter, you surely are on a queue to developing one or more of a life threatening diseases.   Knowledge is power! Do your own study about this truth.

The day you become convinced that your good or bad thoughts, feelings and actions bring life or death; you would have taken purposeful steps towards being the light and the salt of this planet.  Everything is energy and therefore negativity anywhere will surely affect you.  This is another truth you must learn so that you know that your comments do count positively or negatively.  Mankind is to take dominion of this planet by nurturing it and not destroying it.  The starting point is focusing on you to be a positive influence so that jointly we could indeed bring good in this life!