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Friday, 26 September 2014

Taking control: Endless struggle is not part of your plan!

Struggle is unpleasant incidents and challenges that retards expected progression of planned activities.  They reflect your inability to align your thoughts, words and actions.  While struggle is perceived as normal because we do not control everything; it should not characterize the quality of your life.

How to identify struggle!
In order to know when progress and efforts do not tally, you must have a clear written plan and its strategy of how you will achieve your goal. Struggle is not a minor deviations and delays caused by factors beyond your control.  It is clear unexplained inability to produce fruitful results.  It is when the law of cause and effect fail to manifest logical benefits.

Contributing factors of the struggle!
You have been socialized to nurture your physical self.  The society has established social institutions like schools that seek to empower you to learn necessary skills to attain sustainable comfort.  So, why are you experiencing struggle instead of comfort?

  1. Do you have a career? If the answer is yes, then you have a basic tool according to the given norms.
  2. Are you a normal person? A normal person has no physical limitation like a disabled one.  It is expected that you are doing something that aligned to your career and therefore you should be heading towards becoming what you have planned.  If not, it means you are getting unexpected results and beginning to question what it is you are doing wrong.
  3. The missing link! This flesh that has been nurtured and given all necessary support is not you.  You are a spirit, with a soul living in a body! Now, how much do you know about your spirituality?  My guess is, very little! This is what I call a missing link.  How am I supposed to dig my treasure without appropriate tools?  In other words, if I am a spirit and have no idea what it its composition is and how it works, I am not close to operating from my strength.  Other societies are spiritual and their values and beliefs evolve around these and therefore are aware of the power of their spirituality.  For an example, they explain the function of seven non-physical attributes of spirituality called chakras that directly affect relationships, wealth and health.  Christians on the other hand follow Biblical principles to experience prosperity:

a)     Giving: Everything belongs to God and He wants you to give Him ten percent to further His work through believers. He wants you to remember that all creation belongs to Him and He gave you ability to create wealth. Tithing is a concept of maintaining communion with God.
b)     Love God and others: Being in the stated of positive regard attracts circumstances that promote and support your plans for accumulating wealth.
c)      Faith: It a strong belief in what is not seen – that God will comply with His promises because He has good thoughts and plans of good health and prosperity for you.
d)     Application of the law of the cause and effect: Give and it shall be given unto you. If you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly.

Endless struggle calls for your attention to those things that are not seen but manifest clear cues that all is not well in your life.  The global awareness of this concept came with universal law of attraction which says positive thoughts, words and actions equal to success. Knowledge is power! Do your own research and find a missing link that might explain why you are experiencing social and financial struggle in spite of all your efforts.