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Friday, 12 September 2014

Taking control: Key to ideal relationships, health and accelerated wealth!

The law of the universe reveals that love in its many forms; is a key to ideal relationships.  A lifestyle that is permeated by general positive attitude allows the body to deal with health challenges and empowers you to access wealth.

Love is the main ingredient for ideal relationships.
Love has many positive faces: To me gratitude is the most complex.  It is a deep positive regard for God, self and others.  Basically mankind has little love; whatever reflects peaceful approach to life is foreign to many people.  This is reflected by having a neighbor you avoid conversing with and therefore do not know his/her name. Without other people including family and friends, I wonder if you would have a reason to improve your own love content and other skills to achieve anything. There can be no relationship without love. Hearts are broken due to conditional love wherein both parties fail to regard relationships differently to spicing food according to personal preferences.  Many of us come into a relationship not prepared to change ourselves so that we can share life; we seek to use cover-up tactics to manipulate and control the other party to conform to our perceived ideals.  A relationship so impregnated by skewed intentions soon shows signs of illness.  Relationships experts say the ratio should be noting one blemish to ten positive attributes.  What is your ratio?  Remember you can only change you and not the other party!

Love heals the body and elevates your social stature and spiritual maturity.
Love is a driving positive force behind a peaceable, joyful and ideal healthy lifestyle.  It is incredible how much your spirit, soul and physical body would thrive if you could maintain this principle of your existence.  The Creator says man perishes for lack of knowledge. It is indeed so; for if you really internalize the fact that anger and all its cousins cause cancer and other illnesses, you would seek love like you seek gold.  Negativity breaks relationships, and causes stress which destroys your immune system.  Without this defense, the body wanes and eventually dies.  Mankind is mainly a spirit with a soul living in a body.  As a spirit being (being denotes be-in-God) you come out of Him; this is why He knew you before you were conceived.  Your spiritual makeup is love because He is Love, which is a key to the essence of life – relationships, health and wealth.  This summarizes a very important concept which other people may not full comprehend.  Your spirit self thrives in love; this is why there is always a conflicting feeling of wanting to reach out and demonstrate unconditional love, yet the ego stands in a way and often wins.

Love is a key that open doors to your wealth.
A lot has been discovered since the advent of open discussions and teachings on the universal law.  We would have a differing view had we not heard of millionaires that love plays an important role in accelerating accumulation of wealth.  This has encouraged researchers to find a common attributes of those who are enlightened.  They all encouraged us to love others in order to be in a spiritually favorable place.  They all knew and have experienced the existence of the Higher Power that controls everything we need to survive and enjoy life.  Some may negate this fact because they got their wealth without consciously engaging in positive lifestyle even though they did not recognize the Source I am referring to.  The point is, yes you may be experiencing an ideal relationship and enjoying good life, but there is a spiritual hole; a void that makes you yearn for something that money cannot buy.  That is how important it is to not neglect your spirituality.

Taking control is recognizing your three dimensional existence – spirit, soul and body.  It is seeking the wisdom to ideal life that points to your relationships levels with God first, yourself and others. It is accumulating knowledge about love and how it impacts on your health and wealth.