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Monday, 8 September 2014

Taking control: The past is toxic and steals your life!

The past is everything that is not happening now. It pertains to the negative experiences which caused your emotional wounds and halted your social and spiritual growth.

Preview of the source of your present life.
Most people’s negative experiences are the larger part of the pie and therefore have few incidents of positive events that worth recalling.  Generally, you have accumulated this much because of the socialization process from infancy until you left home for higher education, left to live by yourself or got married.  It was so because during that period, various parties imparted values and beliefs into your life, thus influencing your perception of the world.  In other words you became what was taught and remained ignorant of all things your mentors did not know.  For an example, did your parents know about the importance of growing spiritually? Were you taught spirituality concepts such as chakras and the impact of energy imbalance? Do you recall hearing your parents discuss universal laws and how they impact on prosperity? All these indicate that you are what have been imparted in you through informal and formal education.   The bulk of non-formal education that would enable you to answer these questions and apply them in socializing your own children is your responsibility.

The principle of detoxifying your present life!
If you agree with me that you have been configured by both good and bad programmers, it is prudent to take cognizance of this situation through conscious auditing of your social and spiritual programs and content.  It is clear that you can only do this if you have some form of awareness of what is ideal in relation to what you want to achieve in life.  In other words, this inquiry will occur only if you have critically analyzed your progress towards your goals and how you are doing on three aspects that drive you to set goals – relationships, health and wealth.  This is what I refer to as the process of detoxification of your present life.  It is an ideal exercise which will enable you to recognize and weed out bad habits by consciously choosing to apply empowering principles. The key question if you have a weight problem would be; how can I improve my self image?  You do not want to recall negative names that described you by your family members or school mates. Empty yourself of any negative description of your present self; simply seek positive motives that add value to your life.  Adopt empowering descriptive words such as I am beautiful, powerful, loving and hard working person.

Detoxification of the present self makes room for an ideal one.  It is a conscious decision to mould yourself according to how you perceive your future. Most importantly, it seeks to empower you to take responsibility over your limitations by developing teachable attitude.  Blaming your failures on anybody is disempowering yourself to take control over your life.