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Monday, 28 July 2014

Taking control: The key to your happiness and success is within you!

The ultimate goal of all normal people is to achieve wealth and happiness which is defined in terms of good relationships and health.  The journey to access resources is personal and starts from birth and transcends the grave.  Success is ability to use given available resources to achieve personal goals.  
Joy and success defined:
Success has been redefined as nations became a global village. In the early nineteenth century, African man regarded success as owning large herds of life stock and getting married.  Then education became a catalyst of success which created a confusing scene regarding the engendered social roles. The global segregation of women to national wealth became a bone of contention as the social justice applied the principle of equal pay for equal academic qualification.  This shifted marriage as a leverage of power from men, thus giving marriage a proper context as a long-term relationship partnership between two people.
Did sour relationship put your success on hold?
Relationship, health and wealth are three key trophies we all want to have in this life.  Applying the law of cause and effect will help you understand why failed relationship stirs a series of unpleasant events that do not support upward financial and social mobility.  We note that God designed plant earth to provide all that mankind would need.  He created man out of the soil of the earth so that we could be compatible and co-exist with other inhabitants to experience the joy of accumulating wealth.  He also created marriage to demonstrate the importance of sharing wealth with a special person of your choice.  The first thing He did when Adam and Eve disobeyed Him was to withhold ease access to the wealth. It follows that failed relationship negatively impacts on your health and ability to enjoy your wealth. It disqualifies you as having adequate skill to manage and maintain intimate relationship.
How to regain your happiness and success:
We are so wonderfully made that we need very little assistance outside ourselves.  The greatest resource is your Creator.  He is the only One who really knows what your need and could provide inner wisdom to achieve your personal goal.  Failed relationship curtails the momentum of your success. It is prudent therefore not to stay down, but regain your composure and go back to your drawing board to adjust your planned activities:
1.    If your plans included your spouse or partner, you need to redefine them in order to establish if you have skills to do his part. For an example, if he was helping you to draw up a framework for consultancy, you may have to seek help or edit the whole framework.
2.   If the plan of your house included his private needs, you have to remove that, so that it could reflect you.  This way you will be motivated to build a house that meets your needs.
Taking control denotes you being a happy individual seeking another happy person to share your happiness and wealth. You cannot try to find someone so that you can be happy! The source of your happiness and success is your Creator!