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Monday, 21 July 2014

Taking control: You have moved from the crossroads; what is next?

Checking how far you have ventured into your future from the crossroads is more than exhilarating; it energizes you and motivates you to find your purpose for life.  Moving from the place of fear says you are psychologically ready to face new challenges.

The first shaky steps into the future
I am talking to those who have been trapped in abusive relationships.  Those who looked into self to find how they have contributed to being in a blissful place with the chosen partners and soon tumbled into muddy ones of verbal abuse and tears! Having moved from the place of torment is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.  You have a right to be corrected with love if you deviated from the agreed norms.  You deserved to be respected and not be verbally abused and left with doubt about your values and beliefs.  You had to consider why you partner suddenly ran out of words to express hurts without insulting you!  Moving from that crossroad was right; never doubt that!  You needed to be safe so that you could learn the right way to share life under contract relationship.  Most importantly, if you left before you had a physical scar of abuse; it was a cherry on top!  You did not have to spend the rest of your life with evidence of how brutal a human being you loved chose to be vicious.

How are you adjusting to new a life?
It is amazing how being free could be so intimidating! Again you have entered into a new social circle that needs you to adapt and engage in a teachable attitude.  Freedom could be lonely! You have to learn to like your silent environment, the one where there is no need to justify why dinner is ten minutes late.  I am not suggesting that you fall into disorganized lifestyle.  If you have children who have picked the negative energy of your fights, you need to consider professional help to ensure that they are coping with new arrangement, of calling daddy and being picked up for visitation.  That could be a new stressful situation, thinking about their safety with their father.  Faith-based organizations offers safe environment where you children could meet new friends and experience love and spiritual lessons.  You too would find new friends, ones that would not judge you.  I prefer older people who are spiritually mature.  They make you their new project; they tend to know the ideal verses in the Bible that will nurture you and usher you into the spiritual realm. When you surrender into this new spiritual environment, be ready to burn your bridge so that you can only move forward.  You will understand why meditation always has a calming effect when you engage in one-on-one with God.  It heals your emotional wounds and empowers you to minister to your children with abundance of love.

Surrendering is regaining power to maintain your mobility
As you learn to meditate on the word of God, you will gradually fill the emptiness in your life.  He loves you unconditionally; self-condemnation will disappear.  He created marriage to be a happy communion with special person in this life.  He also sends you on planet earth to do His business.  Surrendering will reveal your spiritual journey and show you that you have been equipped to fulfill God’s assignment which could be where you are employed or running your business. You must simply surrender and let His Spirit guide you!  When you engage in these fulfilling spiritual tasks, you will regain your joy and happiness.  Life will have a new meaning! Most importantly, you will realize that most of the stress was caused by the fact that you have been running in a fast lane; without regard for your Creator.

As you re-write your goals, always check whether you are operating on your given strengths. Visit a page on your weakness so that you can learn from them for the purpose of guiding your children as you watch them grow! They are your number one project. Do your best!