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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Taking control: Finding inner peace is every person’s special assignment!

Finding the inner peace is a personal assignment which creates an urgent stir at one point in life. It is seeking the underlying purpose for which you exist and deep desire to live. Those who try to escape from complying, often face endless spiritual torment.
There is a confusion of locating this internal stir.  Is it the peace of mind I am seeking or responding to the inner voice in the region of my body? This alone indicates how oblivious of self we are! Nonetheless, this moment moves you to find knowledge of what to do.  Some would go to traditional spiritual doctors and end up living in a cave with instructions to seek wisdom from dead ancestors.  Some end up in convents to learn how to hear and respond to this profound need to converse and commune with Higher Spiritual Authority. I call this a special personal assignment.  
This special assignment is indeed unique and therefore I will not attempt to come up with a formula of how to go about it.  Nonetheless, there is a necessary principle that may help you not to seek wisdom from the dead.  The Creator warned us that there is no activity beyond the grave.  This then means seeking wisdom from Him is the only right route to follow.  The starting point is acknowledging your spirituality.  You are a spirit being and can only communicate with the Creator who is the Spirit from the spiritual realm.  Secondly, you need to remove yourself from the noisy environment that destructs you from listening to the prompting and conversation coming from the inner region of your body. It is activated by reading the Scriptures.   Clearly it does not come from your head; therefore it is important to note because we have been socialized to respond to the voices in our heads.
The voice gently stirs your heart in a loving way and shed a light of a desirable route.  This reveals where you have been and clearly directs you to the new route which you will immediately acknowledge as being what you want.  The process may come slowly like shedding off the rotten cabbage leaves until you find fresh part that can be used.  The revelation is likely to be accompanied by tearful remorse as you look into the place you have been. This is a repentance of the heart which is the beginning of your transformation. 
The challenge comes with the reality of living in a flesh among people who have not yet experience transformation.  Now the ball is in your court: You must decide where you want to be and do all that is necessary to stay there.  Usually this means trying to tell your family and friends about what you have decided to do.  Some will respect your transformed attitude, which is normally evident. Others will mock you and give your spiritual move a scientific name like a mid-life crisis.  This pull and push experience will usher you to go up the stream; because you are a life fish. This implies being strong in who you have become; hence choosing the spiritual way of life which is the domain of your the inner peace.
You may have experienced your special assignment in a completely different fashion.  If you have no idea of what I am talking about; it could mean yours is not yet due! All of us must have this revelation of our call. Seek it and you will find it because it is the answer to finding the inner peace!