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Monday, 7 July 2014

Taking control: How much do you value your inner peace?

The inner peace is the essence of life that enables you to cope with periodic turbulent experiences.  It is valuable because it determines the quality of life and is dependent on your ongoing learning on maintaining it throughout your various developmental stages.
You are the manager of your inner self and this is a subject that you have to learn by trial and error until you master it.  Peace is the product of the inner self and its enemy is the mind through engaging in autopilot thinking.  The mind thinks even when you are sleeping and you will know the nature of your thoughts through your dreams.  The question is; do you have control on slowing down your thinking and directing your thoughts towards maintaining inner peace?  Consider the following: 
1.    Monitor the quality of your environment.
The mind works on data provided by your senses.  This means if you are in a pleasant environment you will see pleasant things, hear beneficial information, talk about helpful subjects and all these will make you feel good.  On the other hand, if you love to hear the latest world new every hour, you cannot have inner peace because you will be filled with the global score of the negative things.
2.    Monitor the nature of your thoughts.
Your thoughts reflect what you have been inputting in your mind.  The principle is this; the quality of your thoughts make or break your day!  In other words, you have a responsibility of making a decision to banish any thought that steals you peace. How does this come about? If you allow yourself to dwell on how badly someone treated you, you are literally poisoning yourself.  This means as soon as a negative thought emerges, you divert to a positive one; this is a simple act of staying present.  Refuse to self-destruct.

3.    Adjust your needs to match your financial muscles.
You suffer stress because of unmet needs.  Some people act on their lack to the extreme and end up in prisons. How important is your inner peace? If you have made it central to your life, you will trim your needs to match your current financial capability.  
4.    Allocate time to refresh the inner peace.                                                             Consciously lower your operating speed to find time to refresh your inner peace.   What I mean is that, find time in the evening to distress.  Sometimes you cannot avoid stress and find yourself tired and low on positive energy.  Switching off the television and your internet and talking to people is what I call a healing time.  You can access peace within the inner quiet you, by purposefully emptying yourself of all bad energy you came across during the day.  You may start with listening to inspirational tapes or guided meditations.  End the session with complete silence which will usher you into sleep.

Inner peace does not mean cutting yourself from people; it denotes choosing who you want to spend your time with: Consciously stay away from gossip or criticizing political leaders, you will benefit nothing. Analyzing negative encounters of your day could deplete your positive energy, so scan over them to see whether you contributed to the situations.  Maintaining your inner peace means you take control of your life by weeding out bad habits that do not support your goals.  It is about learning to put yourself first when it comes to sustaining your inner peace!