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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Taking control: Determined teenage mom reaches her goals!

Going back to school after pregnancy requires determination; and those who get going need support from all social institutions starting with a family. Often girls get a harsher treatment from the parents and the society for dropping out of school due to pregnancy.

The fear of parenting girls!
All parents fear the onset of puberty and remain in the state of apprehension until the graduation day when their girls graduate without a hitch. I will not get into why boys get one hard talk and the matter gets swept under the carpet! Neither will I engage in a lecture why girls allow boys to apply brakes onto their life plan through pregnancy. The point of focus is to applaud those girls that are determined to pursue their careers and refocus in pursuing their goals.  Secondly, it is noteworthy for the parents who are psychologically ready to walk with their girls if they fall.

The calamity of teen pregnancy and steps to take
It is said that eight out of ten cases the fathers of the teen pregnancy do not marry mothers of their children.  This is sad truth for it says girls are on their own immediately they get pregnant.  My word of encouragement is this: Getting pregnant should be a lesson you carry to your grave; that you reap what you sow! A mother has a different connection with her baby.  A baby is yours to love and raise to the best of your ability with or without its father. Now that you are wiser that those whispers of love and undying care were not love; you will adopt new values that support the principles delayed gratification.  Secondly, if your parents are supporting you, learn to express your gratitude; those are the people who love you unconditionally and you must never take them for granted.  Thirdly, the only thing that you can do to make them smile again is getting good grades and graduating.  Finally, you must try your best to love that innocent baby; love is time sensitive when it comes to providing it to your baby.  Your baby needs your love before and after birth to be a normal being.  Any subtle feeling of shame will impact negative on your baby and you would have failed with distinction to be a mother.

Finding helpful resources
Some teen moms indulge in activities that disregard their babies; this is wrong and unfair for their parents who are trying to be supportive.  It is noteworthy to mention a non-profit making organization in America – Teen Mom Empowerment Foundation - which offers empowerment skills and resources to deter recurrence of pregnancy among youth. Some countries including the Republic of South Africa do have some form of support for teen mothers.  Helping does not condone teen pregnancy but recognize the fact that the children born this way have rights.  They are part of the society and therefore must be cultured to be normal citizens as adults. It is important to note that such resources do not shift the responsibility from teen mothers.  It reaffirms the negative impact of teen pregnancy to these young girls, parents, and the world at large.  Parenting is a serious job of laying foundations for a baby who must use the tools you provided through informal education of parenting.  This means that in-between studies it is ideal that you as teen mother must read to learn about being a mother. In other words, you are busy and cannot have any time other than studying and keeping the bond with your baby strong so that you can take full responsibility as soon as you complete your studies. 

Taking control of your life as a teen mother denotes taking responsibility to establish your career, finding a job and buying a house. That is taking care of your baby as a single parent.  To be able to love that baby you need to be spiritually renewed, so that you can rise above your flesh and its needs which could easily usher you into another trouble of a second baby. You need to take a deep breath and decide who you want to share your live with - you and your baby!