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Friday, 1 August 2014

Taking control: Checking on your process of transformation!

Transformation in this context denotes conscious effort to explore and discover attributes of your holistic self – spirit, soul and body. This important activity takes place in your heart – the spiritual domain – and is devoid of egoistic tendencies that willfully overlooks blemishes.  The idea is to pick your strong points and build your future and note your weaknesses so that you will handle situations that may bring them to the light. 
Holistic transformation starts with knowing the truths: That your parents focused on the physical growth and developing your mind.  Very few of us could claim that our parents specifically brought the spirituality to the first position of priority.  This is why the spiritual power is almost weird and brings so much confusion to many people.  The norm is that this subject is addressed in spiritual institutions and visited once every seven days.  When you think of transformation, you are correcting the order of importance.  You are a spirit being with a soul –mind will and emotions – living in a body.
At spiritual realm you are very intelligent and require very little external source to understand your spiritual environment.  This is so because your spirit is a realm at which you are connected to your Creator whom you came from and whose nature is love and is all knowing.  Your spiritual self is where you experience true peace and the joy of connecting with nature; thus enabling you to understand why you are an authority over all the creation.  At this realm you understand why there is only one law of love which is meant to enable you to stay connected to the higher source for you to carry out your mandate of dominion over all the creation. 
The ideal part is when you start your college education: It is the first time you are exclusively managing yourself without daily parental monitoring.  Before you lose your head, let this article be an awakening bell that calls your attention to address issues of your spirituality.   Seek counsel about mankind and his collective role in this life; then find your part.  Ask yourself, why am I here? You will need an introductory learning regarding the nine spiritual gifts: The gift of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healings, miraculous powers, prophecy, discerning of spirits, different tongues and interpretation of tongues.   Every person has one or several of these and they are keys to finding your comfort and fulfillment.
It is prudent to seek your spiritual ministry as mentioned in the Bible, Ephesians 4:11 and referred to as five-fold ministry: Apostles, those who are send into the world and visionaries who plant churches globally. They have capacity to act on all of the ministries that follows. Secondly, prophets who monitor and address issues that are not in line with the will of the Creator. Thirdly evangelists, who continue the ministry of Jesus, and speak out the word of God with signs and wonders.  Fourthly the shepherds; the pastors who readily address our spiritual needs. Lastly the teachers of the word of God, who unpack spiritual information and assist us to make sense of the purpose of God’s salvation.  Lastly, there are ministries of helps which offers time and professional assistance in order for a church to minister to the congregation.  This is a starting point when you have decided to serve in the spiritual institution of your choice.
Checking your transformation progress is systematically going through all these and establishing the category you fall under and then engaging in hands-on spiritual journey.  This is what taking control of your life is; stepping out of your comfort zone to seek your own purpose of life.