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Monday, 25 August 2014

Taking control: Quit blaming circumstances for lack of your financial success!

Blaming is a common weakness which people engage in for not applying necessary effort to achieve a planned activity.  It is disrobing oneself of responsibility to rise above circumstances that curtail momentum of actions towards success through the conscious adjustments that accommodate internal and external opposing factors.
Blaming is disempowering self from choosing to stay afloat when negative forces derail you from chosen course.  The guiding principle is your sole determination to create you life as you see fit and to avoid modification by others so that you can make things happen without any excuses. What does this mean? It simply says; do not allow anybody to have a say on your goal.  If for an instance you are a mother and you intended to do your master degree on line, do not let anyone tell you that you will deprive your children attention they need. Rather find how you can refine your time management skills to be a good mother and a scholar at the same time.  All it takes is switching off television and other time consuming activities.  This is achievable. Here are the tips on working towards financial success:
1.   Address personal stagnation such as inability to identify important things such as continuous empowerment through reading relevant books or watching educational videos instead of television entertainment programs.
2.   Are you a people-pleaser? This is a form of low self esteem in which you seek approval through doing things for people at the expense of your resources such as time.  Help people as a part of your planned activity towards loving others with your resources.  Tune up your discerning spirit to recognize when to give matters that concern others a priority.
3.   Research on how your emotional health could curtail your progress.  Here are a few you need to know and understand:
a)   Clear all negativity.  This requires objective searching of your mind for unresolved issues.
b)   How do you view money? Do you ever give out money? Are you jealous of those who possess money?
c)    What is your motivation to have financial success? If for an example, you want money to boast or compete with your estranged espouse or partner, the universe would not allow that.  As much as you have a right to seek so that it can be given you freely, your negative motivation would not qualify you to have financial success.  You would have contravened the universal law of creating wealth.  
4.   Include excellence in the list of values that will shape who you want to become.  Have you noticed how good wealth is when it is permeated by positive energy?     

Each person is empowered to create wealth through the given talents that make it possible to earn a living. The challenge is recognizing what you are good at and drawing up a strategic plan.  There is no excuse for not going back to your drawing board and choosing to find and focus on accessing available resources for a financial success!  I encourage you to take a control of your life now; at any level or circumstances you are at, to find the launching pad for your financial success!