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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Taking control: Learn why the negative emotions repel wealth!

 A negative emotion is a result of mental processes that lack love.  It is being in the lowest level of your being which is detached from your highest form and therefore not complaint with the nature of your Creator to whom you are a part.

Most of us are starting over something everyday; so whatever it is that you are attempting to perfect converges to three things we all seek – wealth, health and relationships.  If you are a student, you goals require all three.  If you are a married adult, you seek increased access to money so that you can have things that you and your partner or spouse thinks will perfect your relationship.  If you are relatively comfortable with your current income but you have health issues, you are looking for means to improve that condition.  If you are a single lady recuperating from emotional wounds, you need a lot of information to correct whatever contributed to your present state of hurt; and most importantly, to access wealth so that you can experience you independence.

Why negative emotions hinder you to access wealth?
Almost all of us have experienced negative emotions.  You probably went to church to address the battle within you, and were instructed to love unconditionally. That could really sent you into a corner you rather not be; because when you are hurt, loving all people including the one who have just inflicted the most pain is hard.  You see, most of the teachers of the Scriptures are not able to explain the law of love and its relationship to the law of wealth. Some may even contribute to derailing you from the road that leads to wealth.  The Creator has a menu for wealth and in it, love is the main ingredient. It is not surprising therefore that if you are in a prolonged state of negative emotions, you will have challenges toward maintaining or creating wealth.  The key is learning the universal principles contained in the Law of Attraction:

  1. The Law of Attraction simply teaches us to understand love and its impact in our environment.  The challenge is to create positive environment by limiting and eventually controlling what you hear, think and talk about!
  2. The second principle relate to shifting from blaming anything to anybody because you are a creator of your life.  In other words you must first restore your own love to be able to minister to yourself, thus healing your emotions and your physical body. 
  3. When you understand that you are a co-creator of everything that happens to your life, you will overcome the tendency to wallow in your self-pity of how somebody pushed you to the negative emotional state and move towards empowering yourself to access wealth. 
  4. Fall in love with yourself, research this principle and see evidence of the power of love in healing life-threatening diseases like cancer.  You will be amazed how easy it is to switch off from negative into positive when you know the benefits of holistic wellness contained in the law of love. 
  5. Search the internet to access work at home jobs; that will surely restore your financial muscles!

If you belong to the old school that says money is the root of all evil, you need to move from that position through guided meditations freely available in YOUTUBE.  Take control of your life and reconfigure your mind to access wealth and holistic wellness. You cannot give what you to not have.  The starting point is seeking God and developing faith in His ability to transform you to restore your love.  Remember you are made in His likeness; this is why you have creative ability like Him.  Listen to your inner self; that is where you will experience ability to live in joy and peace; both are products of love which is a key to accessing wealth!