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Friday, 29 August 2014

Taking control: Does your perception of ideal life matches your goals?

You are a highly knowledgeable being counting the three forms of education you have been exposed to – informal, non-formal and formal education.  Your challenge could be matching your perception of ideal life to what you have achieved to this point.
Is your perception of an ideal life clear to you?
The Medical Dictionary defines perception as “the conscious recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli that serve as a basis for understanding, learning and knowing or motivating action or reaction”.
Interpretation and matching of the ideal life is a very significant phase of a long-term relationship. Regardless of the holistic accumulation of knowledge, it is important to review your own interpretation of an ideal life because without this you cannot really have clear personal goals; and without goals you have no purpose for life nor motivation to do or seek any additional knowledge. Often you may catch yourself running in a lane that has low relevance to what you want in life. You may wonder why I bring marriage into perspective! The reason is; many women compromise their career for their husbands – to be a working career mother or take a pause for a period of baby-making phase.  My point is, think and decide about this before you tie the knot because it is highly possible for the matter to become a point of departure if it has not been discussed and agreed to.

Are you afraid to evaluate your perception of an ideal life?
If you are not yet married, I would say you need to engage in the evaluation of your perception of your ideal life so that it becomes a measuring tool when you look for the life mate.   In other words, your definition of who qualifies to be your life partner should articulate and match key expectations and their perception to you.  This way you will be able to place the subject high on the list of things that describe an ideal life and would be the basis for getting-to-know-you phase of dating. Delaying to get to this important subjects that describe your ideal life is not wise. To understand this, you need to consider the scenario which comes as a shock after you have invested your deep emotions in a relationship. I would say you better get this done and go out there to find a suitable mate!
What if you like a person who has a different perception of your ideal life?  
Two actions are necessary: First review whether you understand your perception of an ideal life. Is it what has been inferred to you or this is what your really want and would make you happy?  Secondly, listen to your partner’s goals and their motivation.  It could be that he or she has a false perception due to traumatic experiences.  This then calls for an objective empathy that seeks to help to clear those emotional blockages and not place any form of pressure for selfish reasons.  
Remember that there is a lot of earth moving before a foundation is dug and built.  Engaging in evaluation of your perception of an ideal life is removing the clutter of other people’s influence embedded in your unconscious mind. It is a serious exercise which signifies your starting-over your life according to how you perceive it.  It is a necessary step for all of us.