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Monday, 1 February 2016

Taking control: Why starting-over requires renewing the mind!

You need transformation to attain optimal life. It starts with the mind...!
Every twelve months most people review their progress in achieving their life purpose. Such review will reveal mistakes which require a person to adopt new strategies. The formula for success says if you want a changed life you must change how you think first.

Why start-over?
Starting-over means going back to the starting point of the idea or task and review all steps and strategies applied in order to identify flaws that led to failure or delays in attaining the perceived goals. It is an opportunity to apply remedial measures that requires a new way of thinking and learning to adhere to principles of the natural laws such as the law of attraction as well as applying appropriate empowerment tools.

How to renew the mind!
Renewing the mind is a result of self empowerment on factors that lead to success. It is said that learning changes behavior and it is therefore mandatory for success in whatever you determine to achieve. You cannot access something you are not aware of because all things originate in the mind as an idea and come into existence as a result of natural law of cause and effect. In other words because something was perceived first in the mind it must come to pass in fulfillment of the law of attraction. You cannot experience anything that has not been part of your thinking and feeling. It is for this reason that for you to experience things you want, you must first change how you think by focusing only on those things you want.  

The key factor in renewing the mind is to be aware of what is going on in your mind and learn to cancel any undesirable thought immediately. Starting over requires you to be aware of this concept and know it to be true whether you understand it or not in order to stay focus on what you want.  Starting-over requires you to apply the concept of ‘Now’ which simply denotes that you must become aware of why your thoughts are dwelling on a particular idea or thought so that you purposely cause that idea or thought to manifest.

Benefits of renewed mind!
Before you lead anyone you need to conquer your mind...
In the context of starting-over, a renewed mind will accelerate your momentum of changed life as follows:
1.   Support your motivation to improve your life. Starting-over is a decision to change the current conditions of your life in one or three aspects of your life; relationships, health and wealth.
2.   Reveal your life purpose by directing your thoughts within you in order to discover your purpose for your existence. When you have discovered your vision, renewing the mind will be a natural new and necessary mechanism for succeeding.
3.   Excitement and enthusiasm to learn and network with supporting resources: You will decide on whether you need a coach in your identified vision. You will feel energized to know why you are doing what you are doing and the key is to stay focused on the feeling of achievement.
4.   Starting-over is a form of spiritual awakening whereby you purposefully stir your life by creating your life experiences. When you experience this revelation of your most divine ability to create, you would have found a reason for your existence.

Most of us had to get lost before we realize that life does not happen to us but is the experience of our individual cause.  For me, starting-over is a natural repositioning of self to generate experiences that correlate with my vision. The power of now will enable you to create your experiences and cut any mental and emotional anchors that had cause you pain and failure most of your life. It is logical therefore to review how you have lived your life at this point. You can only start-over when you have a deep desire for change which you will attain by renewing your mind. That will be a point at which you have decided to take control of your life!