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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Taking control: Benefits of positive self-talk!

Affirm your wisdom and freedom aloud....!
Conscious self-talking is a way of tapping into your subconscious mind where your intelligence and all life experiences have been stored. It is a natural way which clearly indicates that your spiritual self functions in a different realm from physical and social self.

 What is self-talk?
Self talk denotes speaking out aloud as if talking to another person yet you are addressing self. Self talk is a normal brain function which occurs when doing a challenging task or something you like wherein you verbalize your feelings. Self-talk is referred to as a private talk because it is really meant for your own ears only and in most cases it is about something you would not want anybody to hear.

Benefits of positive self-talk!
Self-talk is as normal as breathing. Unlike children who indulge in self talk most of the time, adults prefer to keep it inside and unleash this need in privacy probably for fear that they will be regarded as insane. The following are benefits of self talk:
1.   It is ideal affirmation tool: Most people seeking positive change do so through repeating positive statements of intent for the purpose of committing to the desired change. For an example, if you are reviewing the events of the day and recall that you kept your good idea because you were intimidated by the presence of someone you look up to and regard as more intelligent, you would benefit and change if you could at that point remind yourself that you are unique and that your view would have been appreciated and regarded as fresh by the same person you admire. This is when you need to remind yourself that wisdom is never from outside but within you.

2.   It is ‘Me time’ companion: Whenever you are alone; especially taking a bath, it is ideal time to verbalize your appreciation of resources at hand: For an example, appreciate water because all things including you thrive from water. Water is a life source and many 
Be not ashamed of seeking power within is liberating! 
experiments indicate its reciprocation of positive energy. This denotes that every time you say ‘thank you’ for accessing and using water you are doing yourself a great honor of activating the benefits of water on and in you. ‘Me Time’ is a therapeutic session of reactivating a positive energy in and around you through self talk. For an example, it is time to complement yourself for the good performance for your job, powerful article you wrote for your blog and tasty meal you prepared for your family. It is time to show self some love by reassuring yourself and becoming unashamedly excited about it.

3.   Regarded and accepted as expression of positive thinking: All ideas originate from the mind and are processed and spoken to convey the message. You are probably aware that your mind thinks and talks differently from your spirit self. For an example, your spirit may remind you of the charity campaign and gently urges you to contribute. Your mind is likely to come up with a logic stuff which dissuades you from further contravening your idea of saving for a new car.  The internal argument will likely take a second phase of showing that giving will attract positive events, environment and ideas which will accelerate your goal of buying a new car. You end up saying aloud; ‘my ten dollar will make a difference to someone who has no food and I can save ten dollar of my lunch to cover that!’ There you are! Excited and all smiles and spend the rest of the day overjoyed and at peace!

Self-talk is allowing self to tap into internal wisdom for counsel. It is indulging in childhood practice of verbalizing your thoughts to clarify the idea to self, assure self with an attempt to console and externalizing compassion to self. It is a liberating approach in learning about self. Self talk is likely to occur whenever you face a serious life changing decisions of taking control of your life.