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Monday, 22 February 2016

Taking control: The impact of anger on self and relationships!

Anger and love cannot occupy one space...!

Anger is a strong emotion that a person experience as a result of various negative factors over a period of time or isolated incidents. It is a display of a negative energy caused by reaction to situation or other people.

Underlying causes of anger!
Mankind is a social being and learns from cultural and societal norms throughout various developmental stages. During socialization, a child could be exposed to negative environment or be subjected to unpleasant situation which was filed by the subconscious mind. In childhood a child also experience situations that violates physical and or emotional security and normally is repressed over a period. In adulthood all accumulated negative experiences manifest in various forms of negative emotions that is caused by overstretched efforts to control the feelings of anger.  Other contributing factors to anger are as follows:
1.   The modern fast life get most of us feel pressure over routine tasks and often we experience stress before we reach our work place due traffic issues and other incidentals. We eat fast food that does not support our immune system and multi-task to earn more money to cope with the expensive lifestyle of big cities. A child raised by a stressed care-giver will be a victim of physical or emotional abuse and will perpetuate the vicious cycle of angry generation.
2.   Money is a common problem to a larger percentage of the society and is the main cause of angry episodes in most families.
3.   Abused person suffer repressed anger and will impart this negative energy to the loved ones in more than one way: Genetics tend to be an issue which presently cannot be weeded out. Children living in a constant angry environment will learn that behavior and will realize only later in life that they must unlearn such negativism. 
Types of anger and their impact on relationships!
Anger could be passive or aggressive. Passive anger is subtle and manifest in sarcasm or mean behavior. Such people are not able to talk to others without injecting a sting that leaves the other person perplex and wondering if they said or did something to arouse such undertone unpleasantness.
Victims of anger suffer heart diseases!
Aggressive anger is explosive and often freezes other people to refrain from confronting such an angry person. Unless one is enlightened and therefore not easily affected by such negativism, a normal person would not want to have anything to do with such a person in terms of seeking a close relationship.

How anger destroy relationships!
Anger and love cannot occupy one space. An angry person struggles to display love because the other person will still feel the undercurrent of negativism. A person with anger issues is often seeking an upper hand and therefore seen as controlling or manipulating.  Regardless of gender, in a relationship a couple have to communicate about personal background, career prospects, short and long term goals and how they will raise their children. This is a serious talk that requires free will and openness for both parties to really hear and understand each other. Often such talk will be half done because the angry party will respond aggressively to simple question and for peace’s sake the other party will abandon the talk. Evidently, such a relationship is a non-starter; it will struggle and then die a natural death. 

The long-term impact of anger on your health is serious. Those who are suffering from anger will eventually experience health issues like stroke, serious memory loss and chronic sleep disorder. Anger is a learned behavior and can be reversed through counseling and other therapies including self-help practices like yoga.  Education about anger will enable sufferers to know that the first step is identifying and acknowledging a problem and then seek help to be able to maintain future healthy relationships.