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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Taking control: A formula for success is self-empowerment!

It starts with your decision to find who you are...!

A formula is a blueprint; a tested procedure to do something which could be adopted as a principle that can be applied for the predetermined results.  All people seek success and since we all are differently gifted, it has to point to individuality of mankind.

Success defined!
Success is subjective since it is aligned to the achievement of personal goals which are relative to individual person in the context of own perception of optimum life. It is therefore a relative milestone of reaching the top which could be a hill or a mountain depending on individuals understanding of success.

Formula for success!
Learning about self is a great adventure;
you owe it to yourself! 
Education changes behavior. We all experienced varying degree of poor informal education that was probably based on cultural restrictions due to level of knowledge of those who laid foundational blocks of intellectual and spiritual development. On the basis of this fact, it should be normal for all people to verify own perception of success and therefore seek to reconfigure self through non-formal and formal education. Knowledge of own power, courage and faith are learned and the process transcends the grave as follows:

1.   Knowledge of own power: Until you cut loose any learned hurdles, you will always confess some things as impossible for you. The sad truth is that whatever you confess is the product of your thoughts and feelings and will surely come to pass. Knowing self is discovering your true self; your spirituality, where your wisdom is. The challenge is discovering self at this realm and believing your connectivity with the Creator Who is omnipotent.

2.   Courage to explore your world: Until you erase the limitation associated with your lineage such as your social background which you experienced as poor or below average in terms of intellectual capability, you will set your limits accordingly. On the other hand if you focus on your individuality, you courage will grow steadily and will propel you to  achieve anything according to your given social and spiritual gifts.

3.   Faith in your ability to follow your heart: The Creator says it is impossible to please Him without faith. I believe it is also impossible to please yourself without faith because you cannot give what you do not have and what you have you must believe in, feel success before it manifests. Faith is the most challenging spiritual component of success. Those who ushered mankind from stone age to high technology refused to give up on unheard-of innovations they conceived in their minds; they believed in their ideas and each step was a discovery in their ability to bring their vision to pass.  In other words faith is a decision to focus on a particular mission until accomplished.

Success requires you to acquire knowledge about that which you want; keeping your motivation alive through affirmation and focusing on the end result. It is for this reason that the Creator says when you ask Him for anything you have to believe that you already have it. Your feelings of joy and excitement are the energy that will increase the momentum of the law of attraction to bring success into your experience. As you take control of your life this year, I encourage you to be determined to learn the law of love which is the law of attraction for success.