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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Taking control: Could music effectively heal romantic relationships?

Music breaks a rock hard heart in intimate relationship....!

We live in the era of positive thinking and exploration of the benefits of natural healing.  Scientists have been researching on the complexity of happiness as an antidote to many ailments and therefore are embarking on contributors of happiness. Evidently music is proved to be both medically and emotionally therapeutic.

The impact of the music on the brains
We are not attempting to explain the medical concepts but simply relate what an ordinary person experience when listening to a particular type of music or a song. Often you get chills and almost immediately tune in to whatever the music is about; thus experience joy if you are seeking joy or sadness if you are in one of those pity-party moods. 

Our brain interprets information it receives through various sensory ports and depending on the previous experiences filed in the subconscious mind, elicits a specific overt response.  It is for this reason that happy music is regarded as a possible natural healer of broken hearts in a romantic relationship. Some writers believe that there can be no romantic intimacy if there is no emotional intimacy. The latter denotes that both partners have successfully connected at emotional level and allowed themselves to be vulnerable by trusting each other with private and confidential information and behavior.

Proven benefits of music in improving health
When medicine fails to ignite the will to live, music does...!
Various researches indicate that music is therapeutic in premature infants; they eat and sleep better. It also reduces the levels of stress hormones therefore it knocks off depression and improves Parkinson diseases. Ordinarily, it increases production of the body’s killer cells hence boost immune system. Music improves health and it is your individual responsibility to identify with this truth and purposely find out how it impact on you in a romantic relationship.

How music transforms tension in romantic relationships
It could be that you have not really experienced the effectiveness of music in defusing tension and bridging the emotional gap in intimate relationship; nonetheless, you have been moody and run down and you purposely or accidentally switched on a radio or television and you melted as the sound of your favorite song hit your brain stem. You probably closed your eyes and you instantaneously were taken by your imagination to wherever the song was about. It is for this reason that we learnt from notable writers that the mind has no limit in transporting you to your private world of prosperity and unimaginable bliss! The following are evident impact of music in dissolving negative energy and effectively transforming the emotions and the environment:
1.    Music speaks better than an ordinary talk.
2.    It increases motivation to work with joy.
3.    It changes the environment to be happier, romantic or festive.
4.    Various types of music could inspire a person to compose songs or poetry from a deeper and philosophical perspective.
5.    Music lightens a person from within and motivates a dress code.
6.    Music elicits intrinsic motivation to move the body to the beat.
7.    It arouses specific feelings and behavior in response to archived previous experiences.

Historically man continued to align to natural instincts. Music had inspired shy Victorian ladies to shed off their modest blush and revealed their inner most feelings of love. It has   lessened the arduous journey and strengthened the body to endure the challenges. It heals weak and dying brains and ignites the will to live in premature babies. Like anything else that is not cared for, romantic relationship gets dull and slowly dies off. A song from a hurting beloved partner could mend a broken heart and ignite deep feelings of love. Often it is the easiest way to say difficult conversation and reduce all the ego hassles to a simple silent hug.  Allowing unreserved emotion to flow to the sound of music is therefore not only therapeutic, it is embracing the benefits of positive psychology that is revealing the wisdom our body has in making our life on planet earth a memorable experience.