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Monday, 30 May 2016

Taking control: You are a custodian of your optimal life!

Optimal life starts with parental guide and access to resources;
most importantly self as a core contributor
of success!

Almost all of us point someone or something for not accessing the best in life. This could be true for a while in reference to ideal parental care and access to money and other resources.  As an adult, every person is a custodian of chosen optimal life.

Your life is your project!
It is fair to regard your day-one at schools as the start of your critical path that is so designed to take the shortest route to your optimal life. This means at a very early age, your level of determination says volumes regarding your accountability of your life. It says you must be aware that unlike other project where you design activities around specific time, it is not so with your life. For practical purpose, it is ideal to assume that the human life span is seventy years; all phases of your life therefore must be contained in this period as follows:

1.    A big picture of what you want: A general aim towards a specific destination will enable you to segment your life into phases in order to set up objectives and tasks for each phase.
2.    Access to resources: The fist important resource is you; your determination and passion to finish the first step that will usher you into your chosen career.
3.    Progress reports: Journaling all activities helps you to measure your momentum. Be objective and you will accurately record your successes and failures.
4.    Evaluation of the first phase: Like the real project, the first phase set a trend and it is important to work towards its success. Without your successful completion of your basic course, every other phases of your planned optimal life would be skewed. This first phase  will determine other phases:

a)   Graduating from parental care: Your ultimate goal of social progression is being an independent young adult. Move out of home and practice being a whole person.
b)   Spiritual growth: Your learning phase must have highlighted the real you and the importance of finding your feet from the spiritual point of view.
c)    Ultimate social progress: While you have been dating without purpose, at this stage it is important to have a goal. If you have a job and you are living alone away from parental care and monitoring, it means you are ready to share your life with someone if this is your chosen life; having fully searched your mind about the type of spouse you are looking for.
These three phases apply to most people hence my reason for regarding them as normal phases of your project – your optimal life.

Contributors of your optimum life!
Most people include happiness as an ultimate goal of life. So who is responsible for providing optimal life regarding happiness? The mentioned achievements portray a road-map of the results of your own plan and efforts. You became successful because you focused on you being the main contributor of your success! You exerted your study efforts regardless of challenges; and you won. In other words all power is within you to relentlessly soar above any storm. To keep your momentum of winning, you need to consider and take a clear stand of your goals and affirm your purposeful living as expressly indicated in these affirmations statements:

1.    I love myself and am capable of achieving any goal that is based on my identified strengths.
2.    I trust my judgment and will not allow any person to short-circuit my plans.
3.    I am the only one who knows what I want and will seek professional support to achieve it.
4.    I will blame no one for my failure because I want to regard them as learning curves necessary to usher me into my optimal life!

Taking control of your life is looking within to find all answers that point to your optimal life. The common trap is blaming circumstances for not attaining your identified goals. When you look to self to get where you want to be, you will have no one but yourself to blame if you still believe in the old school of self-hate. This says, temporary failures must be regarded as important pointers that show you inner issues that you must weed out to allow social and spiritual growth.