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Monday, 27 June 2016

Taking control: The benefits of identifying pointers of real love!

Do not cut corners when it comes to developing trust, it is mandatory!

Real love is experienced through all sensual ports and is a process of getting to know the other person and developing trust towards verbal and physical intimacy. It requires personal and intentional self-empowerment in weeding-out anything that is not genuine with a purpose to offer unreserved love.

Empowerment on various types of love
Knowledge is power and limits serious omissions or confusion when it comes to identifying pointers of real love. Nature tends to direct us towards this phenomenon of desiring to love someone other than family members and colleagues and endowed us with this intense attraction towards a stranger.  While this is true for normal persons, it is confusing in those who were sexually abused. Studies indicate that they tend to not know how to handle affection from non-sexual love; they manipulate it to lead to sexual relationship. Self-empowerment is intentionally seeking information and developing skills that can enable a person to make informed decisions. It is responding to burning questions about personal needs and reconfiguring oneself against previous incorrect information, cultural traits and general misinformation.

Pointers of real love!
It is important to understand that love is design towards choosing a life mate. Real love is therefore explain in this context and denotes making conscious decisions to find compatible person whom you will partner with, reach your goals together and enjoy life in general.
If you studied other areas of interest,
 include learning about true love...!
1.    Qualify to be a competent love partner: Love is more than a physical attraction; it is becoming worthy for anyone to want to spent lifetime with. Ideal partner should be intellectually resourceful and emotionally whole with a clear plan about his or her life. Anyone without personal plans could be looking for a rescuer from a life of confusion, social and emotional issues.
2.    Establish personal boundaries: Remember there are people out there who are likely to treat you like an animal! Because they have not empowered themselves, they are likely to cut corners when dating and violate your dating principles and values.
3.    Communication: The dating process is about learning who and what the person you are attracted to is, their plans and establishing whether your own plans will not conflict. It is designing a future through open and complete honesty on key issues that include:
a)   Spiritual beliefs: Do not be unequally yoked. You are a spiritual being and you cannot afford to ignore this aspect of a personal life.
b)   Values, convictions and interests: Long-term relationship requires creating a fun environment. Omission of these important factors could lead to unfulfilled social and psychological needs.
c)   Social roles expectations: Remember you come from different background and it could be that you have been socialized to belief that a woman is expected to focus on making a husband happy by total submitting to his needs in exclusion to yours.
d)   Communication intimacy: If you have not arrived at a stage wherein both have developed unreserved openness and willful disclosure of personal information, you have to know that you cannot hope to arrive at that destination after you have engaged in a physical intimacy. It may not happen in the future; and soon you will realize that you are lonely because you cannot be truly free to discuss your deep personal needs.
4.    Take responsibility about your life: You have control over your upward mobility. You are responsible for your financial success and therefore choosing your career and pursuing it is mandatory.
Irrational justification of non-action is a clear pointer of whether you are growing or not. If anyone attempts to persuade you to put your personal plans on hold, you need to ask yourself whether that resembles love!

Benefits of identifying and evaluating your content with regard to empowering yourself on sexuality life skills and reconfiguring yourself to be a worthy candidate for romantic relationship is to make informed decisions. Romantic relationships challenge even the most intellectually equipped people; so, it is clear that it is not a cognitive matter only.  You have to experience true love with all your sensual ports. Do not ignore the warning voice within when you feel something is not right with a prospective partner. You are designed and built with this mechanism to assist you to truly have control over your life!