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Monday, 4 July 2016

Taking control: How to maintain trendy lifestyle in marriage!

Dress for him.....dress for her....!

Trendy lifestyle is often ignored; yet it is an important factor in maintaining the desirable positive energy in marriage. Tying the knot does not mean the couple can then throw away trendy grooming and intimate fun-times and communication away. The latter informs their mutual desire to keep the fire of love burning into their old age.

Trendy lifestyle defined!
In this context trendy lifestyle denotes maintaining that which the couple used to be to each other before they got married. Couples tend to lose interest in each other because their lifestyle changes after tying the knot. This punches holes in their romantic relationship by changing their attention for fashionable dress code, entertainment, planning the private time and toning down intimate communication.

How to maintain trendy lifestyle in marriage!
Treat your marriage like a garden! It will look beautiful and gives you pleasant feelings because you worked on it. Here is how you can maintain a trendy lifestyle:
1.   Grooming: Ladies! Please remember that generally men like beautiful well groomed ladies.  Do not compromise when it comes to:
a)   Maintaining your fitness: Find out which exercises will keep your body firm. This includes food supplement like calcium, Vitamin C and Omega 3.
b)   Routine dental check-up. Do not chase him away with foul breath.
c)    Buy acceptable fashionable clothes: This means you go shopping together.

Doing your activities together
 will keep you together!
2.    Maintain Healthy communication: Communicate your plans so that you can converge your activities. Doing things together will keep you together:
a)   Verbal communication: Ladies! Express your appreciation of your spouse whenever he does dishes, do laundry or polish your shoes! Words are creative and this is why couples are advised to say something positive to each other the first thing when you wake up or meet after a daily temporary absence from each other. Romantic words can keep both of you excited throughout the day and motivate you to plan a great evening!
b)   Non-verbal communication: It is wise to read non-verbal cues which may indicates that your spouse is a little moody. Give him or her some space! It could be that he or she is planning how to tell you something serious or important!

3.   Code of conduct: Make your spouse a priority! This means that she or he comes first when you make decisions that affect your life and resources:
a)   Plan your entertainment together. Eating out sparks some romance because both can leave house chores and pay attention to each other.
b)   Celebrate each other: Establish a tradition of exchanging gifts for birthdays and wedding anniversaries – parents and yours.
c)    Address each other respectfully though intimately.
d)   Marriage is an institution of secrecy! This means private information and actions must remain so! Never discuss your spouse with your friends!
e)   Keep romance alive! Remember marriage require your conscious attention to keep it alive in all respects.

Marriage is meant to be a secure partnership of romantic relationship. Whenever one spouse gets bored and starts becoming unfaithful, it means one or both have stopped working on it to keep the romantic fire burning as the relationship matures. The common mistake is to stop exploring each partner’s changing needs. Nothing stays the same, and so is managing a romantic relationship! Ladies tend to lower their trendy dress code and entertainment; thus contribute in punching holes by stopping to exude romantic vibrations. Only life fish swims up the stream! Couples must therefore continually work on keeping the romantic fire burning!