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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Taking control: Suffering is self-created and you can over-ride it!

The Creator encourages us to meditate and He sent a role model...! 

Suffering is categorized as physical and non-physical. Physical pain is inflicting external physical harm on the body intentionally or unintentionally. The most common suffering is non-physical. It denotes allowing resurfacing of unpleasant information and experiences acquired through all sensory ports which have been stored in your subconscious mind.

What is non-physical suffering?

Non-physical suffering refers to unpleasant feelings caused by information and experiences archived in the subconscious mind which affect the quality of the current emotions. These cause social, spiritual and psychological pains.  The prolonged non-physical pain therefore contributes to behavioral issues and physical illnesses.

What are the contributors of no-physical suffering?

Naturally every person stores all information and life experiences acquired through the five sensory ports. The mind therefore is an archive and storage where both good and bad information and experiences are stored.  In other words we have very little control on what we see, hear, smell and come in contact with and therefore feel with our skin. All these information and experiences influence how we perceive the world and make decisions.
Your personal responsibility is to learn to understand these natural processes and create a healthy relationship with your mind as follows:

1.   Unconsciousness: Social change occurs only when you are aware of a particular lack and have sufficient motivation to make conscious effort to over-ride the identified undesirable behavior. You are a spiritual being with a mind and a physical body. Because you cannot run away from your chattering mind, you can only learn certain techniques that will regulate it so that it becomes useful creative tool and not a source of your suffering.
2.   Self-empowerment: It denotes learning about your spiritual attributes and your power to monitor your life without living by fear or under condemnation. When you are not clear of your true nature as a spiritual being, your mind would be your tormentor because it will perform its function of bringing all information into your consciousness instead of only that which you want to use at the moment. You are capable of deciding and allowing only positive information in your consciousness.    

How to over-ride non-physical suffering!

Every person is capable of learning to effectively reshape own life and contribute peace and not suffering through the following behavior altering practices:

NLP is one of the effective tools of
over-riding suffering!
1.   Become whole: You attain this ability by internalizing the complexity of a human being and by purposely learning about yourself. It starts with appreciating self and learning to love yourself unconditionally. Only when you have developed this positive good regard to yourself would you approach others with awareness of their own uniqueness and will not cause any suffering by attempting to change them to think and behave like you.
2.   Commit to behavior transforming practices: Meditation is a well researched behavior transforming practice. Its benefits include the following:
·        Increased intelligence: Quieting the brain enables a practitioner to look at unpleasant information and experiences by learning from them and not condemning self from them.
·        Slows down the aging of the brain: Research shows significant improvement of the quality of the gray and white brain matter.
·        Improve interpersonal relationships: It enable practitioner to handle conflict and negative environment objectively.
3.   Observe your mind as a separate entity: You are an overseer of your overall behavior and therefore responsible for all your actions which are generated as a thought first before you act on it.
4.   Learn the benefits of silence: The world has become noisier with the advent of mobile phones. Silence is a key component of meditation. We address it separately to emphasize its benefit in listening to your inner non-cognitive conversation and accessing the power from within. In silence even the chatter brain produces higher quality decisions.

Starting over a new life is empowering yourself to access all resources that will enable your natural wisdom to reshape your life. It is knowing that all elements affect you significantly from within and equally generate response from within. As a spiritual being, you are whole and having a revelation of this truth will empower you to attract another whole person to share your life with if you are looking for a mate. It will enable you to be regarded as an inspiring person in all social institutions you become part of because you will be conscious about what causes suffering in self or others.