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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Taking control: Does your spiritual awareness have an impact on your wellbeing?

 The subject of spirituality is often avoided because it is complex and is expressed according to various cultures. You are a spirit being (because you are created in the likeness of God) with a soul (mind, will and emotions) living in a body.
Being aware of spiritual self!
Being spiritually aware denotes a higher alertness to a greater self that is supernaturally knowing and discerning of non-physical components of your environment. It is being sensitive to the self that is characterized by love compassion and forgiveness.  This is the core of humanity from which man was originally designed to live forever.  This brings us to the fact that relationships are important: You need unconditional love for your Creator first and your family and other people at large.  You need a special type of love to be attracted to your spouse. Since your spouse and other people are not perfect, you need to understand and practice unconditional love, and you can only do this successfully when you know and have experienced this connection with your Creator.  Being aware of your spirituality starts with a revelation that the Creator is Love who regards you compassionately by readily forgiving you more than you can count. According to the Creator, love does not remember offenses, does not envy, is not puffed up nor rude, it is not easily provoked nor entertain any evil. This denotes that without love you are and have nothing because you must truly do these to others to stay connected to Him.  On the other hand this is unattainable for your soul because its function is to process information and retain it for ease of reference.
Understanding spirituality in conjunction with the function of the soul and body!
Your soul is the powerful middleman and could either conform to the values of your spirit self or exclusively your physical self.  In other words your soul could listen to the prompting of the Spirit of the Creator and get manifested in actions that demonstrate love, compassion and forgiveness. Alternatively, your soul could serve your physical needs and wants as follows:
1.    Detachment - occurs when you withhold love. Unconditional love is a total acceptance of self and others; and can only be experienced from the spiritual perspective.  Your will to do good must overrule your hurting emotions which often seeks retaliation.
2.    Judgmental - occurs when you have no compassion for the weaknesses of others. It is a result of focusing on negative thoughts and overlooking the positive attributes; thus inflicting pain to others.  For example, accumulation of small offenses will result in resentment; which means you focus on mistakes and have closed your heart to see and experience values others have.
3.    Estrangement is a physical detachment wherein you walk away from conflict instead of addressing issues. The Creator advises us not to let the sun go down with our grief.  He goes further to say that if you are thinking or in the process of offering Him a sacrifice, you must stop and go to make peace with your brother for He will not accept your offering. Why? Because you would be selfish and totally lacking love and yet you would be seeking His positive response to your sacrificial offering.
Spiritual awareness helps you to remember why you have a will to choose good over evil. It is making a conscious decision to stay connected with your Creator and experience His attributes in you. At spiritual mode, you are more attuned to love, peace, joy and practicing self-control.  I encourage you to take control of your life by going deep into this subject and experience growth that will strengthen your relationship with your Creator. He is Love and the Giver of life; the holistic wellness you seek.