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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Taking control: What to look for in an ideal life partner!

The most daunting experience is interacting with people of opposite sex at adolescence stage.  Some overcome this fear while others get fixated and later in life face serious challenges. Finding a life mate therefore is something that needs clarity of the concept.
Attributes of an ideal life partner!
Finding a life partner is not frequenting public places for certain social groups; it is seeking who you are first so that you can have a clue what you are out to attract.  It makes sense therefore to understand the three types of love – brother and sister love, godly love for others and romantic love to attract your life partner. When you know who you are, which is feelings and consistent behavior pattern; you are aware of the blemishes you have and should address. When you understand the concept of positive and negative energy and know the scientific truth about being a co-creator of your life, you will not go out there to seek a better half. You being a complete being with positive energy will be positioning yourself to attract another whole person who resonates with who you are.  The first step therefore is to get prepared to attract that which you perceive as ideal because you must first become an ideal person.  The following attributes should be your signature that depicts you as an ideal person:
1.    Integrity: Is a social attribute that is characterized by honesty and self control over trivialities that reduce mankind to the lower species of the animal kingdom.  A life partner you are seeking is someone of high moral standards whose beauty is within and will defy the physical deterioration and fluctuating socio-economic conditions.
2.    Emotional intelligence: Is being aware and understanding of self – your emotions and having skill to manage them - commonly referred to as self control. We all have repressed negative emotions and we have learned to manage these to be able to interact with others; thus intentionally creating positive environment. If you are emotionally intelligent, you are able to interact and feel others joy and pain. You also have clear goals of prosperity and will be happy to support your life partner to attain his or hers.  Being emotionally intelligent denotes deep sense of spirituality which is a domain of wisdom.  Because mankind is a spiritual being, you connect spiritually before you consummate love physically.  It is of utmost importance to bring the subject of spirituality and personal goals early during courtship phase in order to discern any spiritual hindrances.  Sensitivity to others wellbeing denotes kindness and principled mind to choose calm and happiness in spite what life throws at you.  The point is, ideal self is emotionally connected to positive energy which automatically attracts positive people and circumstances to attract a similar partner.  Emotionally intelligent you experiences vulnerability and consciously reach out for emotional support because a life partner is someone whom you choose to open up completely and resist the urge to withhold your resourcefulness. Instead you regard his/her presence as a safe place to express inner hurts and fears; knowing that you will be ministered to accordingly.  
3.   Clear financial plans: Money is an important aspect of the future you seek; you cannot tip-toe around this subject. Asking an open question about future plans will highlight the level at which the prospective partner is.  Easy conversation about having a house, a car and career enlargement will show if the person seeks comfortable life. The absence of these plans could be a red flags of low ambition for optimum life.

We have attempted to provide a formula to get what you want by being what you want.  This approach says you are unlikely to prefer lower lifestyle because it would mean you are looking for somebody to outshine; which means you have low-esteem issues. A life partner you are seeking is a person of admirable social status who upholds what you value because he/she is ‘your partner’ and not a subordinate.  You will notice that I have not included physical features because they could be regarded as a bonus of the real product you are seeking.