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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Taking control: Happiness is your choice and a secret of wholeness living!

Happiness is a positive emotion a person displays, which reveals the nature of thoughts through words and actions. It is a necessary ingredient that supports longevity and harmonious living with other inhabitants of planet earth. It is an assurance of the Creator’s purpose of creation and therefore a prerequisite of holistic wellness.   
Happiness is a main ingredient of self transformation.
Naturally we all seek happiness in varying degree of needs in one or all three categories that symbolize necessities of life: We are happy when we experience good health; when we have good relationships within family, community and other social institution and most importantly when choosing a mate. We are happy when we successfully attain financial prosperity. Let us highlight how happiness transcends the grave:
1.      Pre-birth and early years: A happy couple prepares before having a baby because it will enable them individually and as a couple to avoid any harm to their offspring. The most important step is eating right foods and avoiding any lifestyle hazards that could negatively affect the brain development during pregnancy. After birth parents have to adopt coaching versus military approach to parenting style. Impartation of informal education from birth throughout the first eight years is laying a lifelong foundation which will determine the level of happiness and ability to manage emotional, social and spiritual challenges.  This is happiness in action.
2.      Youth and adult life: Happy youth are able to communicate their confusion during their adolescent stage and therefore avoid many life changing wrong choices. Happy family environment enables a child to trust both parents with challenging experiences of interacting with people of opposite sex for example.  First a child learns love and happiness from parents and is able to emulate them; thus encountering fewer relationships issues. As a happy couple, a man and woman individually avoid taking each other for granted: they address their own emotional challenges so that they limit hindrances to building intimate relationship. They continue to find ways of igniting passion by choosing to support each other to climb their personal ladder of personal growth toward self actualization.
3.      Senior life: Happiness support longevity and this denotes a mature person with a mellow approach to life challenges. As a senior citizen, a person becomes a resource to both young and colleagues. Such contentment seeks to empower through both formal forums and community dialogue wherein knowledge is imparted for the benefit of those seeking it and the improvement of the community at large.
Toxicity of lack of happiness!
For clarity of this subject, note the common disruptive behavior and lifestyle of those who lack happiness:
1.      Obsessing on past negative experiences: Unhappy person maintain the pain by rehearsing the experience that caused it.  This self-injury is caused by low level of awareness that the mind does not know the reality. Its function is to process and store information whether a myth or truth, and to support actions that correlate with its meaning.
2.      Victim minded: Happiness is a choice which is based on what a person wants in life. For example, if you know that nothing can cause you prolonged pain if you do not allow it; you will discard anything that steal your happiness during the first few seconds. It is a learned behavior which empowers you to soar over any storm. It is responding and not reacting to your environment.
3.      Lacking empathy: Happiness motivates you to think about others and lessen their pain by physical actions or emotional support. Unhappy person is selfish and lives in bondage of self indulgence which leaves him/her too poor to give anything away.
4.       Overly sensitive: Happy people also focus on other people’s strengths and naturally ignore their moment of weakness when they display self injury in its various forms of negative emotions.
5.       Obsessing over winning: Happy people seek peace versus winning the battle. Unhappy person will huff and puff over a tiny offense and continue to rewind the incident for a long period.  
6.      Do not know how to love – If you obsess on negative thoughts it means you do not know how to love yourself. Logically, you cannot give what you do not have. Unhappy people are ill and the majority end up in prisons because they act on their negative thoughts.
Being happy is a conscious decision that support loving self and ensuring that you prohibit anything that seeks to cause emotional and physical pain. You maintain happiness by being present; that is, being aware of your environment and having emotional intelligence which enables you to know and manage yourself adequately. Note that you are not your mind! Your own mind can torture you and destroy you if you let it operate on auto-pilot mode.