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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Taking control: Use Emotional Intelligence to increase your circle of influence!

Emotional intelligence is an ability to pay attention to who you are for the purpose of improving your content -learned emotions, behavior, beliefs and values  and reconfigure yourself to operate at optimum level. It is a process of effectively removing clutter and learning to become conscious of the nature and power of your thoughts, words and actions on you and others.
What is an Emotional Intelligence?
Is behavior model that seek to guide a person to identify and understand the underlying motivation of the cognitive processes which enable a person to relieve stress, improve communication, empathize with others and most importantly, resolve conflict.
Why do you need emotional intelligence?
Mankind is a social being. At birth you have minimal hurtful nature but your social environment equip you during the first eight years with both good and bad information and experiences to become a person you are.  There are fewer good people who have compassion and seek to nurture others and have charisma to attract others.  When you look around you will notice that crime is prevalent across age groups: For example, an adult experience fear when passing young boys at street corner because moral values have declined so low that people hurt each other without reason.  Crime is a deciding factor concerning where you want to live; how you design your house and demand that you keep your gate locked.  Fear is a negative emotion and is bound to affect you deeper and exude a negative energy which repels people. Emotional intelligence is a tool for you to measure the quality of your content and has also become helpful as a recruitment tool for lead positions.  
How you can use Emotional Intelligence!              
Emotional Intelligence has four attributes: self-awareness, self-management; social-awareness and relationship management. When we seek to address community issues; the most effective approach is to educate individuals on the principle that, you can only change you and also change what you have identified as needing change. Self-awareness is a starting point for any change. It entails becoming conscious of the quality of your thoughts, your words and actions. Emotional intelligence enables you to focus on your emotional patterns; responses and reactions to your social environment. Knowing your personality type will help you to review your short and long-term plans. The most practical way to use emotional intelligence is to learn who you are by writing down the following basic questions and answers:
1.    What am I thinking now? Ask yourself this question and attempt to answer it without editing your thoughts. Remember you want to identify the underlying motivation for thinking what you are thinking?
2.    Do I love myself and family?  Some people are not aware that they do not love themselves. List all members and indicate reservations if any. These remarks will help you to evaluate your emotional issues.
3.    What experiences (good and bad) do I recall?  The purpose is to identify any discomfort which may indicate harboring anger, resentment and other negative emotions.
4.    What personality type am I? (Write your strengths and weakness). This will help you to see the pattern of response and reaction – how you impact other people.
5.    Write down what you recall about your parents and grant parent. You will be amazed how little offenses tend to linker in your subconscious mind. Do not judge them; simply note how you feel about each one of them. Remember you want to off-load negative energy!
6.   Write down the name of your friends, and what you like or dislike about each one of them?
7.    Highlight your short and long-term goals: Do you have a vision?  What is your burning desire? Are your current activities parts of your vision? What resources do you need most to achieve your goals. This will show you how confused or focused you are and indicate your anchors – expressed and implied hindrances.
Emotional intelligence is a tool that can assist you to be alert about who you are; and accurately point at your temperament.  When you know your emotional issues, you will successfully learn to manage them; thus empowering you to operate from your strengths. You will be able to see these in others and learn how to approach them. This knowledge will display charisma and attract influential people to your circle.