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Monday, 13 October 2014

Taking control: Second chance relationship thrives on the power of now!

Now is the moment of power because only then can you effectively attempt to correct the past. The fleeting moment of your power signifies the rationale to internalize the value of your full awareness of your thoughts, feelings and actions.  
Unconscious people do not understand the power of now!
Life is dynamic and therefore makes History relatively useful. For you to walk with me and internalize the power of now, consider the meaninglessness of engaging in angry thoughts over your partner’s inability to give you desirable attention! Whose heart is pounding and raising the blood pressure? If you realize for the first time that you are the one suffering and you are also the only one who can stop the condition, then you are finally awake!  The paradox of life is these:
1.   You can decide to live now: The past events are mostly faulty and you cannot change any of those.  You can however start now to appreciate the fact that you are alive and well and capable of contributing to your happiness and fulfilling life or dwell in your pain by rewinding on hurtful thoughts. Life does not happen to you; but is a response of your inputs. Any good or bad things happening to you now, you have attracted.
2.   Learn about your strengths and weaknesses: If you want to really promote yourself, you will start by being grateful for your strengths; they are given tools to overcome any challenge in your life. Identify and embrace your weaknesses; only then can you watch without labeling or judging and then seek to unlearn and replace such behaviors.    
3.   Understand the benefits of operating in now mode: You can switch off angry thoughts when you think and internalize irreversible health conditions they cause to your physical body. The Creator designed your body to thrive on love, joy, happiness, and kindness.  He configured you with self control so that you are the driver of your life all the time!  In other words, you are responsible for your holistic wellness! Consider this; when you allow anger to darken your moment, are you exercising self control? Remember to love according to how love is defined by the Creator in the Bible ( 1 Corinthians 13:1 – 8) and other spiritual books.  
How can you get started in attracting ideal life?
First of all, do you want to be happy? If the answer is yes, then make decision now to maintain that condition! If you feel you cannot because your partner makes you mad, evaluate what is it that really triggers the animal in you? My point is; often you contribute to things –good and bad – that happens to you.  It could be that you are the one who is carrying a black bag of energy! How much do you know about your own make-up as a spiritual being? Do you understand your underlying spiritual and emotional triggers?  The quality of your spirituality impact on your social life: The level of happiness as a social being; your professional upward mobility; access to wealth and its impact on you and others; and whether you are on tract seeking that which you were created for - ability to achieve your goals.
Your second chance in building a life relationship reflects your resilience and sense of owing up the fruit of your investment! The function of the soil is to grow anything that is placed inside it.  A garden will therefore yield crops or weeds? Broken relationships could be a feedback that you did not sow anything of value in the relationship if you belief that life is what you make of it!