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Monday, 20 October 2014

Taking control: Narrow the best options to maintain your peace!

Peace is a calm joy that results in a person seeking harmony with inner self and the environment. Maintaining peace is ability to narrow incidental hurdles to now, thus ensuring that nothing negative becomes the point of reference.
Identify your best options to maintain your peace!
Any behavior starts with motivation whether conscious or unconscious.  If you seek peace, you must generate positive emotions and empower yourself with love and ensure that it saturates your mind to the point that it bars and cancels any negative impact on self. How do you acquire abundance of love? It is a decision that is supported by learned behavior. A behavior starts with thoughts which produce feelings. Peace therefore starts with your ability to monitor your thoughts.  Note that you are the mastermind of your peace; nothing more and nothing less! Let me explain: When you have decided to have peace, it means you are alert to any thoughts that are not positive and therefore sabotage your goal. It means that you will identify and deal with environment that negatively stirs your tranquil state.   It is being aware that your ego is your enemy because it always seeks to satisfy itself, which often become the source of conflicts within yourself; it opposes your spiritual desires.  Ego does not approve anything that does not elevate it. It hardly offers service to others because it finds satisfaction only in receiving.  Its major function is to judge and control others. When you are fully alert of these tendencies and know that they do not demonstrate love nor build peace, you will have identified your best options to maintain your peace.
How do you narrow your best options!
Having described factors that sabotage your goals, you can now narrow down your options by working on your own biological and learned emotional blemishes that do not support your peace. There are two types of people: Those who are self-motivated and have inner strength that ignites their positive energy towards fulfilling their identified needs.  There are also those who need external motivation from their environment to energize them to pursue their goals. If you are self-motivated, your intrinsic positive energy is sufficient to enable you to stay focus on your goal with minimum distraction from external factors.  It means your decision to maintain peace will hold because you are capable of removing yourself from anything that could possibly prevent or derail you from your mission. If on the other hand you are externally motivated, you have greater challenge because you need supportive environment to achieve your goal. Consider the following options:
1.   Victim mentality: It is said that whatever happen to you, you have attracted.  So, it follows that your actions will always impact you positively or negatively. Do good and you will reap goodness!    
2.   Stress relief techniques: When you feel you need external energy to perform, you better learn and practice emotional freedom technique (EFT) which will ignite your self-build mechanism to generate positive energy through affirmations.
We all seek peace and often we do not know how to maintain it because we look to others yet is within ourselves.  If you learn to shut your emotional ports, nothing that you do not allow will penetrate your tranquil state and stir your peace.  The key is making decision about attaining peace through your own thoughts, feelings and actions to self and others; then you shall possess peace!