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Monday, 6 October 2014

Taking control: How to assess whether you are building ideal relationship?

Building a relationship is a personal decision that comes from a determination to work on, nurture and maintain satisfactory level of peace first; then giving unreserved love  to your partner. It is being purposefully aware of the presence of the quality of your thoughts, actions and emotions towards others.

Purposeful monitoring of your emotions!
When you have been through deep emotional challenges and you have discussed and agreed to move forward together with your fiancĂ© or husband, you need to be aware that it takes a lot of focus and determination to stay alert by asking yourself two questions: What is the nature of my thoughts when I am ministering to my fiancĂ© or husband? The answer should honestly indicate how you feel. It should either reflect a deep and subtle resentment or eagerness to bring joy without expecting rewards.  The second question is; am I bridging the gap by being proactive and not waiting for his or her first move?  Here I am referring to your ego, which tends to be selfish and seek to receive and not give anything without conditions. This also should seek the deep private feelings because only you know the truth.  When you are being truthful about the quality of your feelings and you are ready to weed out any traces of negative emotion, then you are really working on building the relationship. 

Techniques of letting go your emotional hurts and other negative habits!
Sometimes our good intentions to let go negative emotions and bad habits do not work because the subconscious mind loves the past and ensures that it stays intact.  You have proved this to be true, so you need to consider engaging in proven technique such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It is the psychological acupressure technique that helps to:
1.      Remove Negative Emotions – Often you go through life carrying invisible black bag of negative energy which you seem to be unable to let go.  Such a burden will surely affect your relationships: You will abuse the people you love because you are not capable of giving love to anybody.  Negative emotion is not conducive to placing you in a favorable position to access wealth.  It is also a source of several health conditions
2.     Reduce or Eliminate Pain – Everything is energy and the Creator designed it to flow freely.  Bad energy cause physical pain in any part of the body that it is lodged in.  Often this condition will require pain relieving medication which in turn will cause other bodily harm.  
3.      Implement Positive Goals – When you are at the crossroad you get paralyzed by indecision and invisible anchors which will ultimately derail you from your plan.  Sometimes bad energy attracts many hurdles that will cause significant delays; thus causing problematic life. EFT releases such blocks and enables you to move forward.    
4.      Reduce Food Cravings – Stress depletes energy and therefore creates a need for replacement.  You may think you are okay; but let me summarize this: Most of obese people have emotional issues and eat to fill bottomless pit.  On the other hand; when you love others unconditionally, seek peace and joy and maintains self control, you are promoting healthy lifestyle.  Happy people eat sensibly.  They love life and are aware of factors that rob people the precious gift of life.
Mankind is a social being; without other people you will have very little motivation to do anything creditworthy.  Good relationship is a basis for seeking good health and satisfying lifespan.  The starting point is deciding to be present and visit the past only to draw good experiences. You would have started over and taken control of your live when reach out and give unreservedly to your spouse and other people. The best way to treat ailing relationships, wealth and health is through Emotional Freedom Technique.