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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Taking control: How failures could be stepping stones to personal growth!

The eagle is focused on the goal of getting food of crossing over storms.
Let perseverance be your personal growth value! 

Personal growth is a process of transformation from the negative lane in which negative energy motivates your thoughts and actions to consistently function as a positive being. The action of crossing into the personal growth is generated by conscious tapping into the positive socialization experiences and learned behavior acquired though other social institutions.
Failure defined!
Failure is a description of unsuccessful strategies towards planned actions. It is missing how to achieve goals in the most effective and efficient way.
Contributing factors to failure!
Whenever failure occurs, it is important to observe that there are two types of common contributors – external and internal factors:
1.   External factors to failure.
External factors are those obstacles caused by the environment and other sources which happen without your control. For an example, your business could fail due to fuel price increase which required you to increase the prices of goods you are selling to cover your cost. If the sales decrease continued and ultimately forced you to close your business, then your action to close was beyond your control.

2.   Internal factors to failure.
Internal factors to failures pertain to you; the totality of all components of who you are such as mental, emotional and spiritual faculties. Often you may not be aware that your worst enemy is you; your thoughts and feelings because they have a direct bearing and influence on your decision and how you react to the environment.  These habits and flaws are manifestation of childhood experiences that occurred during your first eight years and form your values and beliefs systems; they are central to how you manage your life – relationships, finances, career and your health. 
How to use failure as stepping stones to personal growth!
The first step is recognizing failure as the effect of something you did that simply provide a feedback, otherwise known as the law of cause and effect. The law of cause and effect denotes that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Applying this principle means that:
a)   You have a responsibility to determine what you want by identifying specific things and actions you have to do. For an example you could redefine your objective to include the learning phase so that you can allow errors while executing planned actions; thus giving yourself an opportunity to regard mistakes as an arena to refine strategies.
b)   You make choices and then take actions. It is important to believe in your ability to generate positive energy that will cause desired results. There is power in deliberate and focused attention to the quality of your thoughts, feelings and actions.
c)    Success takes time – persevere in seeing your mistakes as learning curves that enhances your experience on that particular plan.
Your efforts to reposition your refined strategy should include self-assessment of who you are. What is the quality of your thoughts and feeling from which your actions come from? Remember that most of who you are may not be fully be at your conscious level.  Your subconscious mind houses your archived systems and includes a blue print of your beliefs and values regarding relationships, finance and health. Often this archived information is not accurate; nonetheless it influences all your decisions. In order to learn from daily experiences, the following three questions will help you to regard the failures as your stepping stones to life experiences:
a)   What did I learn from this incident?  Calm yourself and answer this question as objectively as you can.
b)   How can I benefit from this experience?  Remember, you have no power over anybody except yourself! This means you can only change you by being aware of the contributing factors to your failure.
c)    What are three positive things about this situation? Do your best to identify your learning curve. Note that your mind, which houses your ego, will resist finding positive lessons in your failure. Allow yourself to feel the hurt of failure without labeling yourself; that which you feel now will build you if you do not associate it with negative emotions you experienced from those who socialized you.
Personal growth occurs when you are aware of the need to change your perception about unsuccessful experiences. It denotes taking decisive action to move from the comfort zone of undesirable habit or and fear of failure to experience the transition of actual action of running in a new lane of reform towards success.