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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Taking control: Peace comes with the renewing the mind!

A butterfly was a worm before! Renewing your mind is
allowing  total transformation! 
The ultimate goal of any person is attaining sustainable peace with self, family, community and the world at large. Renewing the mind is finding a sustainable strategy to understand peace and its functional role, which directly contributes to ideal relationships, health and wealth.

Peace defined!

Peace is the emotional state wherein a human being experiences love of self – acceptance of who you are. It pertains to acknowledging the Creator and His creation; thus embracing others and non-human inhabitants of planet earth. Peace therefore starts with individual being and become evident in social interaction with others. Harmonious environment supports ideal health because strife leads to stress which is the source of various illnesses. Since peace is the byproduct of unconditional love, it is key ingredient in maintaining lasting relationships. It also supports economical prosperity by enabling individuals to access available resources; thus generating social harmony between national and international exchange of goods and services.

The concept of renewing the mind!

Mankind is a spirit being because he is created in the likeness of his Creator. The spirit self is characterized by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. A human being has a soul; the part that consists of the mind, will and emotions. The physical man has carnal nature which is characterized by sensual tendencies that seeks own pleasure and often contribute to social strife. The soul being a middle man could therefore be aligned to the spirit self and displays the positive characteristics or to the flesh and manifest in negative behavior.  For the soul to permanently pursue positive nature a person must make a conscious effort to renew his or mind.

Why renewing the mind is beneficial!

Renewing the mind is learning and adopting full responsibility of embracing peace through unconditional acceptance of self and others. According to medical studies, we suffer from various form of illness due to stress, and lifestyle diseases. For example cancer results from prolonged emotional pain, wrong eating and other harmful habits like abuse of substance. On the other hand when a person adopts a positive attitude towards life, illness could be reversed gradually.  When a person changes his/her thoughts, words and action from negative to positive, meaning disallowing negativity, the body is able to heal itself. The function of the mind is to sensors all thoughts. Any recurring thought is regarded as important regardless of whether it is negative or positive. A renewed mind is able to:

1.   Think positively: You consciously abandon destructive thoughts.
2.   Feel and maintain peace: You seek spiritual enlightenment wherein peace is your ultimate goal.
3.   Act with to manifest love: Absence of strife allows you to feel love and distribute it through loving self and others unconditionally.
4.   Receive with open mind: Change from seeing weakness to choosing to see strength in self and others; thus allowing growth to abound.

A renewed mind is one that is trained to align to the spirit self.  The result is harmony between mankind and the environment which is conducive to longevity and prosperity. When your thoughts, words and actions are aligned to that of the Creator, wisdom and peace abounds.