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Monday, 19 October 2015

Taking control: Reclaim your power from within!

Mankind is equipped with amazing power
to conquer anything...!
Reclaiming your power denotes awakening of all faculties that are known to be more than the physical person. It is being conscious of connectivity with the Creator of the universe and natural laws that govern it. Human power is therefore experienced at the level at which a person is conscious of.

The power within!
You are created to be complete with the resemblance of the Creator – able to experience the environment mentally, emotionally and discern the world spiritually. These non-physical components are where your power lies.
1.   You create with your mind: You have your life history in your subconscious mind and you are adorned with ability to move from the past into the new world if you choose to do so. Nonetheless, the majority of people remains in the past and suffer the consequences of non-growth. Your mind can also carry you into the fantasy world and create unachievable goals which could frustrate you and consequently make you a bitter and blaming person. Ideally you could take a pause, and assess if you have at any time of your life, experienced the power of your mind in your attempts to create wealth. Your mind is a key in experiencing fulfilling relationships, influencing your eating habits and playing a significant role in creating wealth.

2.   Your emotion makes you a social being: You may need to commune with others to balance your social and spiritual self; but you need not idolize other human beings. Note if you have a clingy attitude; that is, you need other people to experience joy and contentment.  If so, you are fixated in what Maslow call the need for the sense of belonging. As long as you are unable to exit this emotional attachment to others, you will not self-actualize. Find professional help to experience all of you:
a)   Experience your deepest fears so that you can face them and eliminate them.
b)   Learn to experience love so that you can feel inhibitions in self or towards others.
c)    Love yourself first to establish social values within which you can interact and give yourself unreservedly to others.
d)   Identify your emotional baggage so that you can deal with life challenges objectively as you climb your social ladder through various social institutions.

3.   External stimuli could be confusing: Your parents, spouse, children and friends can never really love you because you are unique being with the unique mission; it is only you who got a revelation of your life purpose.  Often if you dare express your mission to them, they will ether modify or ridicule you. Your vision is your inner power revealed to the world.

4.   Your vision is well provided for: Your wisdom comes from within; it reveals what knowledge you require and who you need to network with to create your wealth. Embark on your divine purpose for it is designed for you; your significant ones may not have what it takes to offer any significant help.

What to do to access the power from within!
1.    Get off the fast lane and create quite environment to experience your mental powers, feel your emotions, identify with your spiritual self and learn to hear the voice from within.
2.    Remove clutter in the form of unprofitable activities such as watching television soaps, engaging in social sites and Whatsapp; and refraining from excessive partying.
3.    Learn the power of meditation and practice it. Knowledge without practice is useless.
4.    Learn to purposefully improve your content with useful knowledge like discovering your social or financial intelligence. We all need information and skills on how to acquire and manage money.  We also need to live with others and therefore we have to let go the tendency to control and manipulate others.  You cannot change others but yourself.
5.    Evaluate your decision making skills and find information materials on new age thinking concepts and how to align your energy with the universe to benefit from it. The universe responds favorably to love and will deal harshly to your negative thoughts and feelings.

You are responsible to your prosperity and have key resources from within you. The universe provides resources according to your mental and emotional faculties and therefore you create your world. Taking control denotes your decision to start-over a new life and learning to reach from within you to experience optimum life.