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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Taking control: Just for today, I choose to think about my health!

You are what you eat!  Do learn what is suitable for your body!
Healthy body is one that enables you to achieve your identified goals. Your body is so build in a manner that unless is extremely abused, will take you to highest level of physical and spiritual fulfillment. It is your responsibility therefore to know what constitutes a healthy body.

Healthy body concept defined!
You are what you eat! This sums up the importance of food throughout your developmental
stages.  In our era, a lot of food is modified and that contributes to other avoidable health conditions.  Your body benefits more from mother- nature’s produce. Organic food has higher energy and the body knows what to do with it when it touches your tongue and the rest of the digestive system. Your body is mainly composed of water and certain level must be maintained to hydrate your vital organs. Healthy body is one that is active. Your skeletal and muscles are not designed to be idle or stay more than thirty minutes in seated position; you will soon develop some form of pains. This means you have to get up from your desk to stretch your legs every hour. Elimination is also a very important function which your mother learned during your infancy and you must diligently takeover that responsibility to learn which food support that function. Sleep is a natural inbuilt mechanism that ensures that you retire and replenish energy level for the next day.  Sleep deprivation contributes to a host of mental illnesses.  Learn to prepare your body to retire by not engaging in environment that arouses stress like watching action movies, arguments and eating sweet foods. Entertainment is also a vital part of good health management because laughter is therapeutic and produces hormones that automatically deal with your stress levels and get rid of ailments that would otherwise contribute to a host of mental illnesses.

Your body is designed to protect itself.
Your responsibility is to support the system!
Why you need to think about your health!
Very few people have scheduled medical check-ups. Most of us visit medical centers only when the body is crying out loud for urgent attention and must respond to ease the pains. The starting point is empowerment on health subjects including those that you hardly read about such as immune system and how it works; hormones and their role in keeping your vital organs such as reproductive system, mental health and skeletal health functioning. I mention these because very few of us understand how our bodies function and how to look after these so that we can feel and look good. Brief outline of some health area that you need to learn and practice for optimum health are as follows:
1.    Dental health: The mouth need a lot of attention when cleaning but most of us spend the shortest time to clean all 32 teeth. The result is bad teeth which could lead to serious condition called periodontitis, gums disease which is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Poor nutrition especially lack of calcium, vitamin C and D compromise the bone structure and supporting tissue. According to studies, untreated periodontitis disease could lead to ailing heart.
2.    Mental health: Ideally it would be good to age and still remember your children and friends; but diet without Omega 3 for an example, could lead to dementia and other debilitating conditions.  Since it is impossible to eat all foods that are required regularly, it is best to supplement your diet under professional guidance.
3.    Reproductive health: Most parents are not empowered to guide their children in this subject. Often they do what their parents taught them. For example, teen boys learn from men’s magazine how to select appropriate under-wears and to avoid other practices like hot bath to protect their prostate health. What about those who have no access to such basic knowledge! They experience the consequences which deprive them of optimum reproductive health. Young girls need a lot of information on how to clean themselves and refrain from other harmful cultural practices. Birth control subject is also a matter of concern, which girls often read about or learn from other risky sources.

Health subject is wide and should be obtained from appropriate authorities. Just for today, note health areas that need your urgent attention:  Do you eat right? How healthy are your teeth? How much do you know about anti-aging lifestyle and how it could enable you to age gracefully? Delayed attention could cost you financially or seriously impact on the quality of your life. Think about this!