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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Taking control: As you think in your heart, so you shall be!

Your thoughts create your world! You winning is dependent on the nature of your thoughts....!
The thinking action is a complex cognitive function associated with the interpretation of the messages from the environment through all ports of senses. It could be a conscious or unconscious processing of past or present pictures, words or unobservable messages. It could be projection of desired future necessary to make decision on your relationships, wealth and health.

Explaining the concept of thinking ‘in your heart’!
Mankind is a spirit being with a soul, living in a body. A soul is therefore a middleman that depends on the level of spiritual enlightenment in influencing your thoughts, words and actions.  Spiritually, thinking is a function of your soul – mind, emotion and will – which inherently could be influenced by intellectual analysis we call logic, or spiritual discernment of the spiritual unobservable environment. The latter is regarded as accurate because in the spirit realm you wisdom is predominantly high; the inner unobservable and powerful self is connected to your Higher Source otherwise called God or your Creator. Thinking is an inbuilt mechanism that enables you to interpret your environment and make sense of activities that affect you.
Thoughts create your reality!
Religious literature informs us that mankind is created in the likeness of the Creator and therefore mankind has ability to create. The mind is creative tool which creates whatever emerges and stays in it with intensity. This means whatever thought you allow to recur is regarded as important and will surely come to pass; whether good or bad! This explains why we experience good and bad things we think about relating to other people.  It also explains why the Creator says we must love others as ourselves and should not let the sun go down without forgiving those who trespassed against us.  This clearly is not logical because if you hang on anger because someone grieved you, it would be for just cause.  Your Creator who knows how your body functions commands you to love unconditionally for your own good health and general prosperity.  You may not control bad thoughts, but you can repel them when they come because you know that allowing them will attract similar thoughts, people and circumstances.

Thoughts that support optimal life in your heart!
Your heart is associated with your spiritual self and the fruit of your spirit are listed in the Bible (Galatians 5:22-23 ): 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.” These are indicators of goodness and positive thinking which inherently attract holistic wellness. The key is exercising self-control even though logically you feel you have been wronged. This then means that every person is responsible for creating good health, attracting ideal partners and wealth by simply deciding to comply with the Creator’s antidote for optimum life.

How to generate thoughts that support optimum life!
You have power to create your life! Wow! This fact must real motivate you to decide to take control of your optimum life!  The reality is that, we live with people who think it is their nature to hurt others with their words and actions because they were told that they inherited the genes of their cruel ancestors. Since you can only control your thoughts, words and actions; the ball is in your court! The first step is to empower yourself with this truth and then make decision to create a great life for yourself.  The following practices could help you to transform your life:
1.    Be grateful for what you have: Gratitude is a byproduct of love and is expressing positive thoughts about all things – small and great - you have.
2.    Listen to your feelings: Sometimes you are not sure what you feel; simplify the condition by classifying feelings as either good or bad. Feeling okay is therefore not good, and falls under bad feelings.
3.    Make hard decisions: Do not compromise on bad company. If your friend is not in tune with your new efforts of maintaining positive thoughts and environment, choose to walk away for your own good!
4.    Be creative: Switching your feelings of hurt from your parents, siblings and others depends on your ability to let them go and replace them with thoughts or activity such as singing, watching comedy and prayer!
5.    Practice the law of love: Love yourself enough so that you would not let anyone or thing to steal your joy and peace. Unconditional love means not allowing yourself to dwell on hurtful memories about a person for your own good!

Your mind is a very important tool that makes you an honorable being which distinguishes you from lower inhabitants of planet earth. You create your world with your thoughts; and your feelings help you to know whether you are practicing the law of love or not. Maintaining supportive thoughts for your optimum life is your major responsibility, which transcend the grave. Your daily efforts can transform your life and others when you maintain the Creator’s specification of optimum life.