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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Taking control: What to do when peace eludes you!

Most of us seek peace is within self!
Peace could be defined from sociological, political, spiritual and psychological perspectives. In this context peace is seen as a byproduct of emotions which a person can learn to access and harness as a lifestyle. It is the most sought after emotional state which reflects spiritual enlightenment.

Peacefulness could be learned!
Peace is a result of positive energy from the environment and within a person which is generated by positive information from all senses including thoughts and feelings. From the moment we are born we learn to adapt to our environment and similarly respond to it; hence our subjective view of our world. As an adult you may note undesirable habits and behaviors which are contrary to your ideal way of life. We will discuss three steps that you may learn to change your perception of what peace is and how to maintain it.

Peace is a given state of being and it is therefore there for you to repossess and harness in your life.  Basically peace is within you and become illusive whenever you allow your mind to work on the basis of your past experiences. In other words if you remove all negative experiences you encounter or project into the future by way of contemplating challenges, it leaves you with peace. Let us learn how this is so:

1.   Understand what peace is and learn to feel it: Peace is readily available and therefore you do not need to have money to go anywhere because it is within you and is accessible. Lack of peace is the presence of negative energy characterized by thoughts that are motivated by fear, anger, lack, guilt, anxiety and ambition. As you can see all these points to allowing the mind to shift from now; that is, stopping to be focused on the present moment.  You cannot change things that generated the huge bad energy called fear and anger. Anxiety is caused by projecting into the future and becoming hysterical about the possibilities of misfortune or failure to attain a life goal. When you remove the past and the future from haunting you, you are left with peace.

2.   Seek peace: Having understood what peace is denotes that you are aware that you have a choice to seek it and make it your priority. This means you choose to see and feel calm even in chaotic situations. For an example, when you meet argumentative people who spew venom on everything, you take a deep breath and choose to maintain your peaceful attitude by refusing to engage in a negative and unproductive environment. You have a choice all the time if you on the other hand have learnt about the tactics of your own ego.

3.   Learn by doing: Learning transcends the grave. Taking control of your life means seeking information that enables you to attain a desirable lifestyle. Practice what you have learned. Experience peace in you by imagining scenes that quiet your mind until you feel it. For an example, when you listen to your favorite music, you allow your mind to transport you to the place that music is about and enable you to experience the picture that it brings into your mind. This is why even if you are sixty you can still allow your mind to transport you to the day you met your first date in your teen years. Results! You will be smiling because you will be retrieving the scene and experiencing it. So it is with peace; you can create it in your mind and access it anytime you want!

Peace starts with you as an individual; it extends to your family, your community and the world at large. Since you have no control on anything outside you, you can have and maintain peaceful attitude because it would be a choice you make and live by. We all seek peace because it supports life and has the tendency to reveal the beauty of our planet and its inhabitants.