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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Taking control: Benefits of developing a teachable attitude!

Dogs are natural enemies with cats. It they learnt to make friends,
 so can you with whoever is challenging your ability to love unconditionally!
Teachable attitude denotes being aware that learning is a process that transcends the grave. It enables one to purposely acquire and apply knowledge acquired through informal, non-formal and formal learning; thus motivating one to become a better person in all aspects of personal growth.

Component of a teachable attitude!
We should learn from the proverb which says rebuking a wise man will make that man to love you more. Teachable attitude is a learned behavior. It is a result of conscious decision to learn from both negative and positive experiences and environment. The following are components of a teachable attitude:
1.   Humility: It is a fundamental attribute that is necessary to enable a person to learn informally at home from people, children, even animals including small creatures like ants. It is a humble spirit that enables one to join community social groups and learn to adapt to joint efforts with others who share similar health or social interests or issues.

2.   Desire for improved knowledge and wisdom: If you have not referred to your text books since you graduated, you have surely become obsolete in whatever field you studied. On the other hand you can maintain optimum knowledge and skill when you continually update your current content. For an example, most of us are aware of our potential from social point of view but have not explored the spiritual self for potential spiritual gifts.

You can do so by renewing your mind!
3.   Open Mindedness:  We learn through all senses including thoughts and feelings. Perhaps you are familiar with learning from five senses but have no idea about the accuracy of your feelings which reveal the nature of your thoughts; they reflect the level of your consciousness. The naked truth is that you are a stranger to yourself; that is, you have fixated experiences which contributed to your undesirable emotional flaws which remained concealed and covered by new complex one referred to defense mechanism. Developing open mind will encourage you to confront your flaws and consciously unlearn all undesirable habits without judging yourself. This means you could assess your behavior and purposely eliminate undesirable ones so that you can subjectively change for the better.

4.   Self-control: The function of the sub-conscious mind includes storage of accumulated information and experiences and will maintain all learned behavior so that it becomes natural to maintain the status quo on whatever was configured in your mind during your socialization from birth. In other words it is through self assessment and re-learning that you choose to remain with current behavior or shape and replace with one that supports personal growth goals.

5.   Positive perspective about life: Only when one sees life as a gift and embraces nature and all its intricacies that nature will unfold its expanse of knowledge and wisdom. Whatever you learned at school pointed to resources centers and it is your responsibility to access the new knowledge and use it.

6.   Revelation about uniqueness and resourcefulness of individuals: Our source of learning since we stepped on planet earth has been other human beings: our families, community, schools, and other social institutions. All that you know comes from someone through direct encounter or indirectly through the written materials and the media because you allowed yourself to be teachable.   

7.   Application of information and skills throughout your life: All accumulated information and skills without application is a mere history and unprofitable if you have not applied the anywhere. Being teachable is to use such accumulated knowledge to improve yourself and others. You are teachable if your primary school science ushered you into high technology space science and quantum physics. You can reap the benefits of learning when science reveals what used to be referred to as spiritual mysteries.  

Being teachable simply says you continue to widen your scope of your environment and its secrets. It means you continue to seek new information to clear any myths that tainted your values and beliefs and stole most of your freedom through superstition and backwardness. Life is fun and rewarding when you develop and stay teachable!