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Monday, 16 November 2015

Taking control: How to let-go rejection and embrace self-contentment!

If you dwell on rejection, your become a prisoner ...! Be content with life now!

Mankind is a social being; seeking to be loved and accepted by parents, family, community and the world at large. The most common emotional wound is rejection. The remedy is learning to be content with yourself, regardless of circumstances. This is a life-long process of redefining and molding a new-you.

Rejected for maintaining your personal principles!
Rejection is painful even if it is due to your high moral standards. It is double-injurious when it occurs following a compromise that lowers values and or personal moral standards. Before you let anyone override your personal principles, remember that it is almost impossible to be perfect for anybody. In other words, it is important to be yourself and let someone love you for who you are. That kind of relationship is likely to survive the normal adjusting phase as you decide whether you can live with someone’s habits and lifestyle. Forsaking your principle will not only result in resentment, it reveals that you do not value yourself. It could be a revelation that you have a low self-esteem. If you are rejected because of your high standards, be happy! You have successfully managed to weed-out your emotional garden; you have made a clear statement that you are in control of your inner space.

Rejected after compromising your values!
Rejection after compromising personal values is common among teens because it occurs during a phase where the need for sense of belonging is very important. Often young adults regard values learned from parents as not ‘cool’ and learn the hard way that lowering standards is emotionally costly. Young girls get hard-hit by the first love rejection wherein such emotional trauma could lead to self-doubt or and fear of committing to relationships later in life. It is said that most street girls have trapped emotional trauma from rejection. The tendency is to take love out of the equation to the extent of making this sacred act of love, a business transaction.

How to embrace self-contentment!
The simplicity of life is HOW you define it...!
Self-contentment is a byproduct of enlightenment. It is the evidence of spiritual growth which enables you to see the world from the holistic view. Embracing self-contentment is therefore a necessary journey which requires you to practice the following life-style:
1.    Be content with the totality of who you are – strengths and weaknesses.
2.    Keep your life simple: Get out of the fast lane and stressful environment of high expectations that are beyond your current resources.
3.    Be patient with yourself when weeding out those undesirable habits. Do not be anxious nor judge yourself when you relapse.
4.    Keep taps on your life: Life does not happen to you; you create it every moment when you allow your mind to be on auto-pilot mode. The remedy is to be alert and leave a balanced life according to you.
5.    Choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances; learn to be optimistic about your personal growth.
6.    Be content with yourself: Gradually address your emotional baggage through other non-conventional healing techniques such as EFT, NLP and Emotion Code.
7.    Increase your self esteem by writing your strengths and your weaknesses and daily commit to affirming your strengths. This will diminish your focus and awareness of your short-comings.
8.    Take care of your physical body: You feel good when you have adequate weight; pay attention to grooming. Adopting a happy attitude will greatly enhance your natural beauty and attract pleasant and helpful people to you.
9.    Appreciate life: When you love yourself, you will not allow others to abuse you. You will appreciate nature and its abundance. The universe will respond favorable to your positive energy by giving back that which you give, multiplied.
10. Love unreservedly; it is as natural as breathing!

Letting go rejection is a conscious decision to take control of your life by ensuring that you are proactive towards positive change; socially, physically and spiritually. Embracing life is about being optimistic and expressing gratitude with your thoughts first and openly by loving others unconditionally. Rejection denotes withholding love; it is regarded as the root of many emotional and physical ailments.