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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Taking control: How to commit to long-term relationship!

Commitment is a positive actions. If it is not there, one party committed a fraud!

Commitment is a challenge even to the most loving couple; hence the spiraling divorce cases and or dysfunctional families. Long-term relationship is a decision to commit to one person, allowing your heart to over-rule your ego every time temptation to give up rears its ugly face!

What is a commitment?

Commitment is a vow you have pledged to the partner in a long-term relationship. It is an obligation, dedicated to keeping the bond alive through loyalty and maintaining integrity of the words of promise. It is fanning the fire of love with pure thoughts; daily affirmation of keeping it alive and intentional actions that build stronger bond.

The don’ts of committing to long-term relationship!
A long-term relationship is a joint venture which requires each party to understand its purpose and how to make it work. It requires a revelation of unity of thoughts, words and actions because all are creative and therefore must generate similar vibrations. The following are highlights of don’ts in committing to a long-term relationship:
1.    Never doubt the intensity of the other party’s commitment because of flaws. Doubt is a breeding phase of a negative energy which tends to keep record of mistakes to birth a point of negative intention.
2.    Never entertain a negative thought about the other party; kill it as soon as it emerges. Remember a thought is classified as important if you allow it to stay in your mind for about twenty seconds.
3.    Never allow a friend’s whisper about what occurred in your absence. What you do not know will never hurt you!

The dos of committing to long-term relationship!
The bond of love should really be a bond - leaving no space for anything or anyone.  If there is a space for your mother and father, then you did not understand the part about cleaving onto each other until death part you both. You surely missed the part about being one, and being promised a blessing when you stay that way! So, how does one commit to a long-term relationship?
1.    Do flood your mind with thoughts of love and how to keep it that way.
The reliable source of commitment is
therefore your heart...!
2.    Do communicate openly; revealing your gloom and glories! Never keep your partner in suspense when you have had a rough day!
3.    Do become vulnerable to each other; that will give ego no room to hedge around the truth or manipulate each other. When you open up and allow each other to see and feel all of you, you truly become one! The Creator who designed marriage promised to feed that love with unnumbered blessings.
4.    Do remember the cardinal rules: A man is a provider and must love you; your part is simply allowing him to shower you with love by submitting to that love and trusting the universe to meet you half-way. Love plus submission equals commitment to long-term relationship!
5.     Trust and respect are the main ingredients of commitment; it is a recipe of true love that outlives aging and physical shortcomings.
6.    When challenges of parenting come, resort to the marriage designer’s rules about raising children; avoid opting for your individual parents’ approaches.  Referring to your respective socialization will punch a hole in your vow on ‘cleaving to one another’!
Do take control of maintaining your commitment to your long-term relationship by sharing your thought; offering helpful information without watering down each other’s point of view with derogative words. Commitment to long-term relationship is a spiritual journey; it requires very little social concepts.  The evidence of their failure is a list of prisons that house murderers of their once loved ones and court-cases that created a lucrative career for lawyers!  Commitment is a personal value of keeping marriage promises until the natural death of one of the parties.