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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Taking control: How do you approach a desired change?

Change occurs only  if there is total acceptance of  self
with all your flaws. Only then can you start living  with others
 and finding something to cherish them for!
Change is dynamic and cuts across all aspect of humanity. Every moment of your life is affected by information inputted through all senses; thus changing your perception about yourself, others and life in general. Change is the root cause and a motivating factor behind your learning efforts; whether informally, non-formally and formally. The key is allowing yourself to live with imperfections and accepting your level at which you have capacity to change.

Why do you need change?
You need change to eliminate the current hurdles that slow you down or have a potential to derail you from attaining your goal. You also need change to develop skill and improve your productivity or remove yourself from unproductive environment. You seek economic change to improve ability to access wealth and live optimal life. A rational assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will usher you in a place of comfort to consciously love and honor yourself. Only then would you be able to search for the appropriate strategies to improve the current undesirable behaviors, and correct misleading cultural values and beliefs about yourself and others. There are three types of people:
1.   Those who put others first: They hardly think of their needs and some do not have clear goals. You cannot give what you do not have. In other words if you love yourself first you will know how to extend that love to others. Because you want peace in your environment, you will not be the source of disharmony anywhere. These people have a noble attitude of serving others; but they must learn to have a point of reference and life purpose.

2.   Selfish people: They think of themselves and have low level of social intelligence to interacting with others. These are ruthless people who control and step on others’ rights to satisfy or meet their own goals.  When love is replaced with excessive love of self, negative energy becomes prevalent and it is a root cause of crime and health issues.

3.   Prosperous people: They are achievers who have acquired skill to balance compassion to assist others with relentless efforts to meet their own identified goals. They have learned to accept themselves fully and therefore love people without seeking to please them because that is mission impossible. 

How do you attain change?
Seeking change is a subjective quest and depends on individual’s perception of self and life in general.  The paradox of life is that you need to change for your own adaptability in your environment.  This then denotes that your reason to change is to trim undesirable behavior in order to live harmoniously with your family, community, colleagues and the world at large. You can attain change by:
1.    Assessing your life purpose and identifying gaps so that you can take appropriate remedial measures.

2.    Establishing a clear strategy of attaining how you need to adjust to live harmoniously with others and still achieve your established goals. For an example, do you know why you repel people? Do you listen when others talk or you impatiently wait for your turn to react to part of what they said?  
Let go of any emotional bondage
of your socialization ! Forgive
those who raised you in less than
ideal environment!

3.    Realizing that you have not achieved your goal because you have sabotaged your own goals by not using your inner power of thoughts, words and actions. You are what you think about and feel!

4.    Taking responsibility for your social, spiritual and financial success because what you think about and seek must come to pass; delay or failure is your feedback of your non-compliance to the law of cause and effect. You reap what you sow! When you become aware of this fact, you will take responsibility to learn and maintain positive energy.

5.    Owning up a responsibility to change the level of knowledge and wisdom to let go anything that disrupt your plans. To change your life, you need to change how you think, speak and act. Such attitude will help you to be conscious of your thoughts and remember that the natural laws of love and cause and effect apply all the time.
Change originates from within and is not dependent on outside factors. You have no power to change economic recession; but you can change your lifestyle and reduce the level of expectations so that it does not impact you severely. You may love your parents; but you may not approve their spirituality. So, you must change your attitude in order to give them space and respect their choices. Change is a necessary mechanism that enables you to adjust and accept yourself and others.