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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Taking control: The secrets of happiness!

Happy people are not perfect; they choose to see the good in
others. They forgive easily and choose not to remember or
dwell in their own flaws...!

Happiness is a byproduct of positive energy due to a person’s positive thoughts, words and actions. It is a natural characteristic of a person which reveals unconditional love and trust in others which is a childhood trait and evident in adults seeking and practicing spiritual enlightenment.

How you can practice and maintain happiness!
Naturally all children project happiness except those who are in abusive environment or are victims of physical and or emotional abuse. Smaller percentage exits into adulthood with these positive attributes and become luminous characters that easily inject joy wherever they are. Let us examine the secrets of happy people:

1.    They know themselves and stir clear of toxic environment. Happy people naturally identify negative vibrations and take action to not be contaminated.

2.    Most of them know the benefits of positive energy as a necessary resource for their own productivity and holistic wellness.

3.    They have learned to identify toxic thoughts, words and actions and make effort to neutralize these through simple daily rituals such as meditation, payer, singing and other forms of energy healing.

4.    They know how to unload their mind free from past unpleasant thoughts by forgiving those who contributed to unpleasant experiences in childhood and or various forms of relationships. You can choose to let go of the past and move forward through spiritual concepts such as unconditional love and repentance. You can only love people now by choosing not to remember what they did to you, your family members or your country. Repentance is not being sorry because you were caught; it is a conscious and free choice to look at the situation and recognize its ugliness; making sincere decision to disassociate with the habit or incident.  You do this by thinking about the underlying reason why somebody treated you badly. It could be that a person is a victim of abuse and know nothing about loving and accepting others without judging them. You could choose to move away from hurtful thoughts because you cannot afford to allow negative energy to ruin your own plans. Either ways, you can only control you and not the other person!

5.    Run in your lane. If you listen to your inner voice – the real you – you will avoid stepping on others and be the cause of conflict. For an example, if you do your job and know your boundaries and how the chain of command works, you will handle people accordingly and know when to refer matters to those assigned to solve your job issues. If on the other hand you participate in ministry work at the church and your leader is not excellent in the way he/she handles administration issues; ignore imperfections and shut your mouth because you have to submit.

6.    Being happy is a daily conscious decision.  Make this your daily goal and acknowledge your success every evening when you meditate; regard this as a step closer to unlearning to control or judging others. It is a fulfilling feeling to see yourself becoming a new person whose happiness is not dependent on others. You can only control you and when you achieve this; you have achieved self transformation.

Health benefits of happiness!
A cheerful heart is a good medicine (Proverbs 17:22). Happiness supports physical, mental and emotional health. It lowers heart rate; levels of stress hormone cortisol and concentration of plasma associated with heart disease. According to Dr. Martin Seligman book – Authentic Happiness - studies indicates that happy people do better in social relationships; use their intelligence more efficiently; are more optimistic; have a better physical health and are more creative.

The secret benefits of happiness weigh much more than reasons to take offense or respond to any cause for unhappiness. Self control is one of the fruit of the spirit which says to us, we are responsible for our own happiness regardless of the environment. Did you notice that after watching bad news or action movies on television, you become fully entrenched in negative energy? Remember you become what you think and talk about! Good and bad things that happen to you are the results of your decision to maintain your happiness or lack of it!