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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Taking control: How to empower yourself against self-deprecation!

Self-deprecation is belittling oneself. It is a fruit and manifestation of behavior in a person; caused by parenting which was characterized by negative or inconsistent words, behavior and action especially during the first eight years of socializing a child.
Self-deprecation concept!
Confidence is a learned behavior.
 It is a result of successful parenting
You are a spirit being with a soul living in a body. Deprecation is a form of a learned behavior consisting of seven character-flaws; greed, self-destruction, stubbornness, arrogance, impatience and martyrdom. From birth an infant uses all senses to learn and adapt to the environment it is born into. Parents' tone of voice, non-verbal cues and practices provide nurturing atmosphere of love and security or fear, uncertainly and withdrawal. An infant recognize reinforcement and disapproval and associates these with its actions. When disapproval is communicated with positive words and action, they support positive exploration of the environment. Constant harsh rebuke will result in low self-worth and manifest as deprecation.
How to empower yourself against self-deprecation!
Empowerment start with critical thinking exercise wherein you identify undesirable thoughts, words and actions which do not tally with the inner strong sense of self which clearly speak differently from you mind.  If you want to change, do not take this dual talk lightly; sit down and really look inside you:
1.    Socialization: All people depending on the quality of socialization principles, adopt a positive or negative self-talk. The key is identifying deprecation cues:  Thoughts that magnifies your blemishes, words through which you strip yourself naked alone or in front of others; and low-key actions that lacks determination and vigor to do well in whatever you do!
2.    The ideal you: Write down words that closely describe what the positive voice within you says about you.  Please note that from the spiritual perspective, you are unique and most dearly loved by your Creator. The positive voice never threatens you; it gently guides and stirs you towards productive thoughts – noble, just, lovely, praiseworthy and generally motivated by unconditional love of self and others. The fact is, your parents and other social institutions had failed to develop or point you to this godly self, whose function is to energize you and reveal your uniqueness.  Deprecation is judging yourself to the point of hate, which is abomination to God because He created you as a whole and fruitful being.
3.    Spiritual self: Your spiritual self is complete - wise and knowing the truth about your given talents and spiritual gifts. It is in this realm that you can decide to take a step of faith to take control of your life. How? Life is what you make of it! The key is deciding to allow the stronger you – spiritual self - to dominate your negative mind by believing that you are indeed a fully functional person with a clear purpose for your life. Secondly, in full consciousness, let go of the past by re-writing who you are through affirmation and meditation. You can never change the past; you can however influence your future if you engage in purposeful configuration of your mind.  When you make effort to ward off negative thoughts that limit your momentum to your established goals, they become noise; and that enables you to stop them before they develop to the next level of actions.
4.    Determined plan to change: The consistent positive self-talk will not only override your traumatic childhood experiences, but will give you intrinsic motivation to rise above challenges as you re-socialize yourself to listen to your heart and learn to act fast when your intuition affirms a way to go.
Deprecation thrives when you stay in the past and continually re-open your emotional wounds. Those who socialize you deserve your conscious pardon; simply forgive everyone for withholding their unconditional love and coaching you to be a functional person. Regardless of the level of harm, you have power and ability to change who you are and be fully present! If you want to move from deprecation, go for counseling first and then hire a coach to walk with you to your freedom!