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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Taking control: Are you a trend setter or a follower?

A trend setter has a deep insight of self and does not allow societal norms, beliefs and values to derail or limit personal identity and goals. Such energy is charismatic and can only be admired because it is ideal and displays an open approach to life.
Attributes of a trend setter!
Life is dynamic. It follows therefore, that there should be trend-setters who think outside the box through art and social practices that make culture spicy and adaptable for the young generation in particular. Their attributes include the following:
1.   Confidence:  A trend setter is a great believer of self; that he or she is a whole person – a unique physical, social and spirituality being. Having confidence is being okay on your own without needing external support to accomplish positive emotions.
2.   Express their thoughts with little editing: Trend setters communicate their thoughts with the way they dress, and carry themselves both publicly and in private life. They do not compromise their image perception by conforming to cultural values and beliefs.
3.   Stand by their decision: They are not people-pleasers and are often adventurous in their quest to discover and fulfill their own goals. For an example, they are ones who normalizing high fashion trends.
4.   Trust personal instinct: In cases where others would consider the negative impact of swimming up the stream on societal norms such as a black man marrying a white lady; they would follow their hearts. 
5.   Do not fear failure: Failure has an element of societal standards; this is why most people want all glory or none if there is a chance to fail.  Seeking approval contributes to some people operating within a restricted radius.  Paying too much attention to what others say would leave very little room to discover and life optimum life; actually, you will never know who you really are.    
Underlying factors why other people are followers
The society admires people who conform to its beliefs and values because it is a main purpose of socialization. Do you recall how trend-setters stirred your thoughts when you saw a ladies five-corner top; pink tie, or man wearing ear-rings? The ‘normal’ reaction when you first saw these unusual outfits and outrageous gender malpractices was resistance. For an example, if people were to know that a young couple sleeps in separate rooms, they will be alarmed until they eventually find possible reasons. Only when they learn that one of them snores and therefore cause the other stress would they see sense in sleeping in separate rooms. The point is, followers maintain status quo; while trend setters rattle the standards.
Do you know that some people spend most of their adult life living according to the established standards and watching their lives pass by! I hope you will realize that you are not really living your life; you are conforming to the ideals set up by the society and you will likely force your child through socialization to do the same?  You may consider thinking about this and rate yourself!