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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Taking control: How to keep your inner space calm and peaceful!

When you are aware of the need for calm and peacefulness, you will seek  them!!

Calm and peace are byproducts of love; they qualify the most envied emotional condition of self control. A calm person exert a positive energy and tends to create less threatening environment which allows and support trust and general positive regard of others.

Inner space defined!
Spiritually, the inner space is the whole essence of humanity, and regarded as godly because it is generally motivated by love. It is selfless and seeks to minister to others unconditionally and compassionately. At this realm, love prevails because perception of others is equal; that is, it is devoid of prejudice and other qualifications that determine the level of social recognition. Inner space is a non-physical component of humanity that has inexhaustible wisdom and is a domain of human spirituality.

The rationale for keeping the inner space calm and peaceful!
Your goals will support your
determination  to maintain
calmness and peace!
According to the principles of Positive Psychology, all people seek satisfactory life which is generally achieved through personal growth that leads to happiness. This deeper wisdom of humanity raises an awareness that it is our personal responsibilities to empower ourselves to find and unlock the door to our optimal life. It is proven that when a person knows his or her social and spiritual needs, it is easier to accept the fact that each person has his view of the world and therefore could subjectively access general calm and peacefulness.

Characteristics of calm and peaceful persons
Calmness and peacefulness are important components of happiness which is achievable through positive social ties with close family and other social institutions. Happiness is derived from leading a fully social and spiritual life that empowers a person to comprehend and lead purpose driven life. The following are characteristics of calm and peaceful persons:
1.   Through trial and error they have settled to being unashamedly content with self.
2.   They do not succumb to any form of manipulation by others. They do not fear criticism nor react to those who judge them.
3.   Experience taught them to seek to control inner self and to a limited extend their environment because no one has power over anybody except self.
4.   Through positive thinking, they have learned that every cloud has a silver lining. This point to the fact that every mistake has a blessing. When you understand this principle, you can effectively maintain calm and personal peace.
5.   Being enough denotes that one has accepted own blemishes and dwells on strengths and not weaknesses.
6.    They are open mindedness about self and others. This is attainable only if one maintain childlike attitude of loving others unconditionally, forgiving unlovable people and having time to play at fitness clubs and home. Being open mindedness denotes ability to absorb unpleasant experiences with low level of stress. Remember that basically there is nothing new; it is just that it is your first experience of the incident.   
7.   Ability to clean the inner space through meditation and adopting gratitude as a principle that motivates acceptance of others as they are. Gratitude is an ability to see good in any situation; thus ensures that a practitioner is calm and peaceful.

You can take control of your life by empowering yourself and remain teachable so that new experiences do not give you platform to judge others. If you seek quite time at least one hour per day before you sleep, you will have found a key that could open a door to the most envied human ability to maintain calm and peace. Our Creator advises anyone who seeks enlightenment to speak less. In other words when you seek calmness and peace, you will not entertain fruitless arguing match by those who are over the edge of tolerance of others. Instead, you will naturally join those who advocate for calm in addressing issues, always saturating self with peace that spills over to effectively transform others.